Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Can You Dig It?

Today is a gloomy, very cold (For Central Texas), windy and grey day. I love days like this. I'm a winter, SO not a summer.

So, I decided it's the perfect day to watch Head.

I've loved the Monkees since I was a young teenager, thanks to the reruns of their shows from the sixies that played in the eighties. My cousin and I went nutso for them. Went to every concert in town when they came for their anniversary shows we could. Ah, memories.

There's a song from the movie, Can You Dig It?. Featured on their soundtrack to the movie, Head, released in 1968.  This portion of the movie was my motivation for my Halloween costume the year I first saw the movie, which was 1986.

Belly Dancer. My mom made the costume and I even carried a tape player with me with a tape playing this song. Mind you, these were the days before iPods, so it was a hand held tape recorder/player. I'm sure I was the only person who got what the song was, what it was from or why it went with my costume.

That was totally fine with me.

This was probably my favorite Halloween ever. Thank, Monkees.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Monkee's Coraline Inspired Cake

The birthday girl asked for a Coraline cake months ago.

So I tried to fulfill her wishes, the best I could. I am not a baker cake maker cake boss by any means. I forgot the white candle holders. I forgot to do the scroll work at the bottom. Not perfect at all. BUT....I did the best I could! lol

Working with a goopy buttercream wasn't easy. But basically it's a three layer devil's food cake with chocolate icing and a pink buttercream with extra milk to make it goopy and piped down the sides like it's dripping and covering the top.

The easiest way to make layer cakes is to use parchment paper
or wax paper in the bottom of the pan.

Cut to size, 

Put into the pans, 

Oil the pan and put in the paper and oil
the paper and sides of the pan. 


Easy flip, 

And pull off the paper!

Simple buttercream.
1lb of powder sugar
1 stick of butter
1 capfull of vanilla (I use Mexican Vanilla)
2-3 tbsp milk (more or less depending on how you want the
And I used red food coloring for the pink. 

Then build your layers!

Time for the goop.

I used this tip for the drippies. 

There you have it! She seemed happy, so that made me happy! 

Then after she blew out her candles, I had a surprise with this!

Birthday Breakfast


My baby girl turns 18 today.

I can still remember delivering her, pulling her out myself (I had a very awesome proactive doctor) and lying her on my chest. 26 hours of labor. But it was all worth it. The hardest I've ever worked in my life. Totally worth it.

I still can't believe it. Eighteen years.

Ok. I'll stop. Whew.

I've done this the past couple of years or so, letter pancakes. Generally they get whatever they want for their birthday breakfast - a literal tower of donuts (I toothpick them together to make a tower or cake shape with candles). Whatever. But, this one loves pancakes.

I'll apologize in advanced for the crappy pics - it's hard to take pics and try to not burn teeny pancakes apparently.

NORMALLY I use a soft squeeze bottle...but as luck would have it
this morning, I couldn't find it. 
Honey bear it is.
Not cool for my RA, by the way. 

Teeny Pancake Letters


Mama gets regular pancakes.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Items At DawnMoodyDesign!

New Items are up in the store ready to be in your home or gifted to a loved one!

One at a time. One of a kind. 

Light Up Wine Bottles!
Green wine bottles filled with battery operated lights.
(Batteries Included)
Adorned with stone 'grapes', leaves and a raffia bow. 

Clear wine bottles, decoupaged and hand painted with a wispy tree.
Lights inside (batteries included) and finished off with a black silk ribbon.

"Hick Cups" with either beading or color beads, plain or monogrammed.

Valentine's Day shelf sitters and pendants in current
and vintage styles.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Easy DIY Christmas Centerpiece

I'm ALL about a simple DIY project. Especially around Christmas time!  This one just kind of came to me one day before Thanksgiving while I was trimming a tree out front.  I was snipping these limbs off and laying them on the ground and it struck me how neat they would look spray painted in prettied up bottles.

That's the tree from the balcony....behind that is the mister on the ground.

I got sidetracked and made some reindeer from buds from our
Magnolia Tree.

Here are the limbs drying out.
RIP vintage vase that got broken because the cat is a moron who loves to break things.


Idea born.

All I did was get some Epsom Salts poured out on a newspaper. I brushed glue on wine bottles and rolled them in the salts and let them dry. Then I spray painted them silver.

I got a gold charger (I have tons of these for some reason....time to use them) and brushed glue on it and sprinkled glitter and let that dry. Then I glued round ball ornaments and the bottles on the charger.

I still have to paint the branches. I'm torn between gold or silver. Or white. Glitter or no glitter. Torn, I tell you.

Pay no attention to the fact that it's Texas and we never get actual
seasons and I have the back door open to let a breeze in.

Ignore the puppy....

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Easy No Sew Pet Bed

So far, since Maple has been with us, she's taken to my blanket. Only my blanket. When I have it put away....she whines. If a pillow is on top of it, she tries to smoosh between the pillow and the blanket.

I decided to make her a bed out of the same kind of blanket as mine instead of buying a bed. The cat has a bed...but after I made Maple's he was acting like he owned it. Ugh.

Here we go.

Step One:
Get a blanket and a pillow.
Preferably, one without a crazy animal on it.

Step Two:
Fold the blanket over the pillow and cut around the pillow
with at least a three inch allowance.
Again, preferably without rabid animals on it all. 

Step Three:

Step Four:
Cut one inch strips ALL around the blanket. 

Step Five:
Tie coordinating top and bottom strips together in simple knots.

Step Six:
Inform the cat it's not his bed

Step Seven:
Show the dog she has a bed.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me


Forty Four

I'm forty four years old today.


Holy Shit.

Generally, I never say 'happy birthday' or 'birthday'. I say it is the day of the general evacuation from someone's nether region day. Why? Well....I hate getting older, for one. For another, I'm adopted and having absolutely nothing about my birth mother ever revealed to me by people who have the's made me a little twisted and jaded.

Anywho - I've spent the day making my pets sweaters, doing some Christmas decorating, then blogging about it all.  My 17 year old, who turns 18 ten days from today (holy shit, again) made me a cake.

She's a great little chef. I would like to say I taught her everything she knows, but she's learned a lot on her own. And when I say she made me a's from scratch. Except the icing. Baby steps, I tell her.

We had  a little hiccup when the cakes wouldn't come out easily and I could tell she was upset. She's a perfectionist. So I worked my magic and got them out and iced the bottom to get her started. She finished, as I was giving her icing tips...annoying her to no end. She then said, "Can I just put the sprinkles on already?!"  I said, "Before I die I'd like to think I taught you something." LOL

44  I'm almost dead now.

The perils of war....chocolate war. 

She gives the thumbs up....heaven forbid I take a teenager's 
picture without permission. LOL


24 Candles....the mister thought he was doing me a favor.
I WANTED 44!! I wanted to see the fire of forty forty years!

Towering Inferno. 


My daughter really did a bang up job! This is the most 
MOIST cake ever!

And this is 44 year old me.