Saturday, March 14, 2015

Infused Vodka

Years back I infused vodka with Skittles and it came out great. This time I went for 'chocolate cake' and a fruit candy infusion.

I didn't use an actual cake - so the result of that one was less than stellar. But the candy one came out great!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Alphabet Tile and Rack!

I revamped the larger shelf sitter blocks for these alphabet tiles and they come with a rack for display!

You can order custom - spelling your name, last name, any word or use letters for address or Year Est.

The tiles are approx 3.5 X 5.5 and about a centimeter thick and finished with a gloss, as is the rack.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? HELL YES!

SNOW!!! We had SNOW today!

Now, now....before y'all start making fun of us rednecks freaking the hell out over an inch of snow that we got - shut up!  Seriously. We will always freak out over snow. Just like you Northerners freak out when it's above 80 degrees.....try 114, hosers. :P

Anywho - back to me. 


I died and went to heaven for about two hours today. 

Maple, surprisingly, loved it!
She's scared of everything, so I was pleased. 

It was the first snow for both of my fur babies.

This morning I was on the front balcony. 
The ice was amazing.

Piling up! lol

Maple had a ball. 
Her favorite is eating the snow.

Wee paw prints!

Heading out to the grass!

It got a LOT more snow than this. 

My Valentine's Day decor was beautiful!

Can you tell I was a little excited?
In and out.
In and out.
One set is my hubbies, though.

I could've stood out there all day!

I built a snow man.
His name was Herb.

Later, my wee neighbor Katryna found the remnants of Herb and threw the head
at her mother. 

RIP Herb. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Baby Is Across The Pond

I feel like an official Empty Nester. I have one in college and my baby is in England.

She's been with her boyfriend for three years now and he's as sweet as can be. A mature, caring, funny, responsible red headed boy. We just love him.

He's from a small village in England.

He's visited us several times and we've loved having him. Long distance relationships are hard, one this long distance has been a struggle for these two kids. He was determined to take my baby with him for a visit to show her his home. We agreed she could go, she's 18 after all. But that didn't soften the blow to my Mommie Bone in the least.

I plan to home school her via Skype and we plan to dismiss the 6 hour time difference and talk to each other as much as we can, day or night.

He came in last Friday and they both left yesterday morning. I held it together as long as I could. Then, all bets were off. I lost it.

They were so excited to see each other when
he got in!

Thumbs Up!

That look on my kid's face - pure happyfeels. 

I put together a Valentine's Day picnic at the
lake for them. 
I also bribed them into a mini photo shoot. lol

They're so cute. 

She made a cake for the occasion.
Quite the inventive baker!

These two are my favs. 

Last breakfast at home that I prepared. 

Checking luggage....

Checking tickets....

And like that....they were gone. 
I stood there as long as I could.
Wiping tears and snot from my face.
Tippy toe standing and head bobbing
to watch that little green head for as long
as I possibly could. 

The last I saw was them walking on the tarmac. 
She turned her head slightly to look at her boyfriend and
she was smiling.
That did this mama good. 

Last selfie at the airport until I get
to hug her again. 

And Mommie's Crazy Cry Face.

They had three flights, the last one being almost ten hours. The last flight, the longest flight, was delayed for more than three hours. Then when they landed, the TSA detained her and went through her luggage and questioned her to death. I was in constant contact with the boyfriend's mother until they were safely home and she was passed out asleep after literally almost 24 hours of travel. 

I feel like I've lost some limbs with my babies not so much babies anymore. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sick and Tired and Walking Dead

I'm so tired of being sick.

I've been sick for almost three weeks.

My husband brought it home from a business trip.

He got over it.

My daughter got over it.

I still have it.

I have the immune system of the Bubble Boy.

But today is the mid season (second half) of The Walking Dead. Yes. THE WALKING DEAD.  I've had the TV on AMC since Friday with the marathon.

I made a big pot of soup yesterday so I wouldn't have to cook today.

That's how I do things. Ha!

So, for the past three weeks I've been blowing my nose. 

And snugging with the puppy monster.

I managed to give my house VD.

I managed to VD Daryl Dixon to amuse myself.

Also, trying to nurse myself from within....with nommies. 

I've lived in my jammies...while horribly coordinated. 

I've been working away getting orders out (which you can find at bottles,
jewelry, shelf sitters galore. 

And to top it all off, my baby girl is leaving for England in ten days. 

Just shoot me now.

I have no evens to can't anymore. 

If you need me, I'll be a goobery stain on the carpet. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Getting Old

It's happening.

I'm 44 now.

Forty fucking four.

Not cool.

In my mind, I'm still that 17 year old bratty, big haired, limber, silly girl without a clue and a ton of energy.

In my mind and in reality, two different things.

In reality I'm 44. I am sore on a daily basis. I am crotchety. I moan and groan and complain. I have shingles and fibro and RA and migraines. I move at a snails pace.

Aging isn't cool. So, I keep my hair purple. I have tattoos, with no end in sight. I gauge my ears and have as many piercings as I have fingers. I've let loose. I've allowed myself to.

Youth is wasted on the young, I'm a very firm believer. Now that I'm older, I know more, I have more experience. In everything. I don't apologize for judging. I judge because I'm human. I speak. I speak loud, often and back. I make myself heard. I allow myself to be heard. I demand to be heard.

All things that I was told not to do as a child and young adult, I allow myself because I learned to love myself and taught myself that I matter.

My one hope is that who I am now is who my children are earlier. It's working. For the most part, they are both light years from where I was at each of their ages. So, I've done something right.

In closing, because my body can't sit at a desk chair for longer than a few moments before it starts to scream in agony, LIVE out loud. Don't apologize. And, most importantly, be good to your young body. I never thought I'd live this long.



Don't do it.

Do not come to my house and expect to watch foozball.

In my opinion it's stupid.

Overpaid dudes running around in tight, shiny pants after a ball from one end of a square field to another. They do drugs. They beat their wives. They retire and own pizza joints and do insurance commercials and get fat and happy and live high off the hog that fed them.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

For what they get paid for one game, ugh. I have so many evens that I just can't.

My husband isn't allowed to watch foozball downstairs. He goes upstairs, with his head hanging in shame while announcing he's going upstairs to the bedroom to watch it. Like a good boy.

People whine, "It's just a game!"  That's right. It is just a game. A stupid game that SO MUCH MONEY is wasted on!

With the StupidBowl coming up, I am on edge this time of year. I flip the channel at any mention. Well, except for the announcement at the half time show. That, I am usually a tad bit interested in. But, even that I don't watch on game day.


Because, Youtube and internet. Duh.

This year it's Katy Perry. Lip synching, no doubt. In a million costume changes. Tons of glitter and some sort of something, possibly foozballs, on her boobies.

So, on StupidBowl night, I'll be doing what I do on award show nights, watching anything else. Let's Go, Netflix!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chilly Day at the Park

This morning I woke up to a sore throat, the Mister has been sick since the weekend. It was bound to happen. I have barely an immune system, so I always get what's going around.

But! I promised the teen yesterday that we would go to the park and play Frisbee and fly kites, and if you have an aspie - you never go back on a promise. Ever.

So I sucked it up, made lunches, packed water (coffee for me), sweatered the dog and away we went.

We had a great time. We threw the Frisbee around and flew a kite. It was a great, windy day. This is the second trip to the park with the doggie, she's not an outside girl at all. LOL