Saturday, September 24, 2016

Treat Your Body.....and your senses!

FALL is here!  Moreso up North than here in the South. But it's here, nonetheless. It's never too early to care for your skin!

And with winter comes dry, itchy skin. My hands get rough and my face gets dry. All my soaps are Olive Oil based for moisturizing your skin! Whether you want to feel invigorated with Eucalyptus or relaxed with the Oatmeal Honey....we've got you covered!

My lip balms will also moisturize those chapped lips! Peppermint and Eucalyptus perks you up or get the Orange clove to relax. They are all delicious smelling and wonderfully moisturizing for your lips! Coconut oil and Vitamin E oil blend with the essential oils perfectly!

If you have a guy with a buff beard....check out the bear oils!

Please go to and visit the body shoppe!

Removing Scratches From Wood

We have a mid century modern table and my husband wears it out with things piled on top of it. I have wanted to refinish it forever, but I also like to try diy treatments.

So the first I'll try is one that uses two household ingredients......equal parts white vinegar and olive oil.

I whisked it together and it turned more opaque.

Take a dishcloth and rub in small circles on the scratches. 

It worked only on the small scratches and of course didn't work
on any of water stains.

That will be part to remove water stains from wood. 

It looks better than it did, but not completely scratch free......

Dear Early 80s....WHY?

I look back to the many, many formal dresses I wore in the 80s. Two of my brothers went to a military school and there were two 'formals' a year, so I had a LOT of formal dresses.

The styles changed throughout the years and the 80s were awesome for fashion. Except the early 80s, in my opinion.

I looked at my dress for one of the 'balls' the military school held. I was 12 or 13 and it was 1982 or 1983...I think. My mind is a black hole these days.

What I want to know is....Why were formal dresses styled either after a colonial nightgown or a plantation dress? That's all I can fathom... What's up with the all the lace and the high neck? And the line of ruffle 3/4 the way down the skirt?

It was a fad that swept the nation.

Image result for 1983 prom dress

Also....there were a LOT of petticoats being worn. What the hell?

Image result for 1983 prom hoop dress

Image result for 1983 prom hoop dress

Image result for 1983 prom hoop dress

The closest I got was a petticoat minus the plastic was just a complete tulle one. 

This was my mom's 1950s prom dress that she had to let the back out
by adding lace because I had the boobies at 13 she didn't have at 18. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

At Least Get it Right

I really get sick and tired of someone being pissed off for something they're getting completely wrong.

Case in point : A doctor's bill was sent to my daughter's father's house as unpaid. At first she thought it was the deferred billing she asked for after a visit. But it's actually from the insurance not paying their part because someone didn't change her coverage after we moved. It's not that we refuse to help my daughter pay her bills with her part time job's that we're teaching her to adult.

She lives at home and her own 'bills' pertain to her little cell phone bill, her prescriptions (that are minimal and/or free) and her one credit card in order to build her credit. She buys her own specialty groceries and beauty items and we're having her put some from each paycheck into savings.

Eventually she'll have an automobile in which she'll pay insurance on as well. See, we all learn that the money we make isn't all for Happy Happy Fun Time but for keeping us afloat as adult humans.

We 'help' her. Jesus...she's my child. As tight as things are around here with saving to purchase a home and our own bills....we help her, dammit. But at the same time she's almost twenty years old and wants to eventually be on her own in her own place with her boyfriend and be an adult.

But to correct the Dr bill fiasco...we never 'not helped her'. It's an insurance payment that needs to go through the insurance, not be paid by anyone.  And it got sent to their home because they're the policy holders. So many ughs.

So when my daughter gets berated about us not helping her pay for anything, I get a little irritated.

There's a difference between teaching a child to be an adult and responsible and forcing them to do everything on their own before they're ready.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hocus Pocus

I love Halloween. I love scary movies. I love cold weather.

I wish I could have them all year around. Honestly, I'd settle for cold weather year 'round.

1993 ......ahem...The SUMMER of 1993 is when Hocus Pocus came out and it hasn't lost any steam in all those years. I still can't believe it's been that long.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook a blog from someone who did a self appointed walking tour of the locations in Massachusetts that appeared in the movie. I'd move to Salem in a heartbeat myself. The history, the weather, the architecture and nature. Come on! Let's go!

But since it's not currently in the stars....I took my 'walking tour' of sorts...via Google Maps

This is Dani and Max's house. The exact address is actually 4 Ocean Avenue.  It sits right on the 
banks of Salem Harbor and the view is beautiful.  I believe it's a private residence, but I'm sure
there are plenty of lookie-loos taking photos daily. It's a gorgeous home!
I can see Max and Allison sitting in the little tower at the top!

This is Allison's house where the exteriors were shot. This is the Ropes Masion at 318 Essex. 
It's owned by the museum and "Instead of traditional timed tours, guests can freely circulate throughout 15 rooms of the home, exploring the property at their own pace." There are guides there, but I think it's
Awesome you can just roam. The house was built around 1727 and was home to about four
generations of the Ropes family. I'm not sure that the interior shots were inside the house, usually
they'd be shot on a sound stage. But I'd still LOVE to tour this house!

Thackery Binx's village was shot at the Salem Pioneer Village.  It was built in 1930 to mark the 
tercentennial of Massachusetts and is America's first living history museum. Can you imagine walking 
through this village? Ugh. I'd be in heaven. 

Other exterior shots were taken at Plymouth Plantation as well. 

The Sanderson Sisters' cottage location was also in the Pioneer Village. I just want to go
and just walk around with my camera day and night. 

Max's high school location was an elementary school. 

Old Burial Hill, overlooking Marblehead Harbor.

The daytime cemetery shot where Max confronts the two tards from town is Old Burial Hill.
It's the oldest cemetery in New England and it's just picturesque as all get out!
I mean, the headstones I've looked up are not only old, but so interesting with skull and
crossbones like you'd see in any creepy movie!

If anyone wants to buy me a one way ticket....I'm gone!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Don't Throw That Away!

I'm all for reuse, re-purpose and recycling things. That goes for food too!

Celery and onions, green onions, pineapples, avocados and more can be regrown after you eat them.

I have an avocado pit starting to root and green onions that I've regrown three times already.

When the green onions regrew, I just pulled the out of the water and gave them a chop and put the roots back into clean water. I think the limit is three times to regrow though...they're a bit puny this time around.

My avocado will take more has to root from the bottom and grow from the top before I can take it out of the water and put into a pot with soil. 

Just a Hump Day tip to share! 

Monday, September 12, 2016


I'm a movie buff.  I love 'em. Good ones, bad ones and horror mostly.

What I do when I know a movie is based on true story, is ruin the movie for myself. By that, I mean I look up the facts on the case or story. Generally, I'm disappointed.

Because Hollywood is about money and names - they tend to mess up the truth with glitz, stars and more drama that's really my opinion.

How happy were we all when Leonardo DiCaprio WON an oscar for The Revenant?!  I mean, it was a crazy movie. And the fact that the director used no artificial light and had the actors really in the freezing elements was high on my list for making a story that really happened just THAT more real.  But, looking up the actual story of Hugh Glass, I was disappointed by the dramatic effects that the movie took. In actual facts, there was no son that was murdered.  And Glass did not kill John Fitzgerald. And in all the accounted for voices of the story of the bear attack, Glass was not attacked alone, there were at least two other trappers involved in the bear attack.

Image result for hugh glass

The real story, for me anyway, is far more important that the made up drama that won awards. I think an actual depiction up until his death would have been more interesting.

Then there are movies that cast famous actors who look nothing like the person they are portraying. To me, it ruins the story because when you look at a person you have to imagine what they do in life, relationships, work etc in the body you see before you.

The story of Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz in "War Dogs" irks me. Jonah Hill in no way resembles David Packouz....and trying to imagine him as a stoner massage therapist isn't working for me. Despite the obvious age difference....there is the weight difference.

While Miles Teller is a hottie, he has hair. A huge part of Diveroli's look is that he is bald. It calls for a lot of imagination on my part to pretend I didn't look up the real people. I know it's my own doing, but come on Hollywood!  TRY!

Image result for Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz

I won't go into Cuba Gooding Jr playing OJ Simpson. Seriously?

Besides the horrible depictions of actual people don't stop with just looks. Hollywood, time and again, poses the wrong nationality. Why can't an Asian person be played by an ASIAN ACTOR?!?! Or Native American? Or Indian? Or Hispanic? Why are white actors in these roles?

Did you know that in the movie Short Circuit (1986) the actor playing Ben Jabituya was a white dude named "Fisher" using a horribly offensive 'Indian Accent'?  Hell, Apoo on the Simpsons was a white dude. Come on, Hollywood. 

Ok. My rant for today is over because I know there's more important things going on in the who the hell is sitting for the National Anthem (don't get me started). 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Snapchat Filters

They're hilarious.

Sometimes repetitive. Sometimes make no sense. But still entertaining.

What really gets on my nerves is people getting butthurt over them.

I mean, really. It's a free app. A free app for entertainment purposes. A free app to entertain you by being vein. Get over yourself, already.

Make up artists are accusing Snapchat of stealing their makeup ideas.

snapchat, filter, design, stolen, makeup artist

Others are saying Snapchat is forcing you to look white.

snapchat filter makes skin white

Then another filter was removed because people said it was racist.

Image result for racist snapchat filter

Now. Seriously. Do we not have enough to worked up about in the real world than to whine about a friggin filter on a free app?  And I do realize the irony of my shut up. don't look look like a cartoon. If you think you look Asian, maybe you have issues with race. don't look white...but you do look thinner...wanna cry about that?

I don't think you're the first person who schmeared makeup down your face. Or outlined your face like a comic. But honestly, its' the sincerest form of flattery. Right? I mean, were you banking big bucks on your Instagram prior?

I'm waiting for Snapchat to get mad over people making makeup looks after their filters. THE NERVE! 

Image result for snapchat filters

Maybe rabid bunnies are pissed at the filters. Or demons, Or maybe the thicknecked or small brained/big nosed?

Image result for snapchat filters

The world is a vast place, wrought with troubles of mass proportions from starving, beating and killing to wars, drug abuse and bullying. All things that are more important than FREE FILTERS ON A FREE APP THAT IS USED TO TAKE FREE PHOTOS OF YOUR OWN DAMN FACE.

Get over it. Get over yourself and laugh at yourself. I do. A lot.

Keep in mind - I kid. I laugh at myself. I'll laugh at you when you make me laugh.


Friday, September 2, 2016

DIY Hand Sanitizer

Or as we always call it in our house Sand Hanitizer. Don't ask.

It's so easy and calls for only 5 ingredients

1 cup Aloe Gel
1 Tbsp Witch Hazel
20 Drops Lavender Oil
1/2 tsp Tea Tree Oil
1/4 Vitamin E Oil (Or coconut oil)

Then just mix and put it in a container!  It's SO easy!