Monday, February 16, 2009

बेक तो हेअल्ति!

Healthy eating once again.

For years before I met my husband, me and my daughters ate healthy. And by healthy I mean things that are fresh, or fresh frozen. We ate tofu dishes and soy milk. My husband is a that didn't fly with him so much.

I suffer from migraines....since I was 18. I'm now, yeah...for a while now. After having so many medications thrown at me, and a stint in the hospital, I ventured to the world wide web for alternatives to medicine.

I found that by cutting out foods like : allot of dairy, red meat, fats, preservative and processed foods really helped my migraines and my wonky gall bladder. I for the first time had a handle on my migraines. I went a month, then two then a whole year without a migraine!

I got remarried to my wonderful hubby and as the saying goes "Fat and Happy". My husband is a brilliant chef! And it's SO nice having a husband that loves to cook! But it was getting away from the way my body was used to eating. Then I developed gall bladder disease. It's very painful when I have an attack. I'm afraid of sugery..and would rather treat it with what I eat.

It just makes mere sense.

Me and my daughters had a pow-wow over the weekend and we decided....YES....back to the vegetarianism. (Or semi-vegetarianism..I still eat fish for protein) I give them chicken and fish....I eat sushi grade fish as does my husband. So...BOOM!

Okay, my plan was to make spring rolls...requires no cooking really....warm water for the rice paper and cut prep for the veggies....boiling rice biggie. BUT I could NOT find any rice paper...UGH! So...egg roll wrappers it was.

I made egg rolls....filled with rice noodles, cucumber, alvocado, lettuce, green onion and wasabi. I also cooked the rest of the rice noodles with egg drop soup (minus the eggs...used soft tofu instead) and some imitation crab. And I fried some medium firm tofu. We also snacked on tuna sashimi. It was not the meal I planned....wasn't crazy about frying things....but I felt that if the worst thing I am doing is frying the wrappers....but they are wrapping pure delicious vegetables....what's the harm in one meal?

Here's the food we all feasted on last night! Hope to have more stories and recipes to come!

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