Monday, February 16, 2009

For Every Day In February

February 1 Make a Valentine’s dinner reservation or get out your favorite recipe books to plan a romantic meal. Don’t try anything you haven’t made before because Valentines night is the one night you don’t want to look haggard and frustrated by intricate hors d'oeuvres.

February 2 Tax season is here. Call your local tax advisor and find out what documents you will need to take in to do your taxes. Take this list and slip it into a file folder labeled TAXES 2009.

February 3 Dress efficiently without having to pop outside to see if it’s too windy to wear a skirt or too warm to wear a sweater dress. Print out a weekly weather report specific to your zip code and place it onto your closet door.

February 4 Use a level to straighten all your artwork and mirrors in your home. You will be surprised at the transformation this small modification can bring about.

February 5 Make notes and keep important details at hand by placing a notebook and pen next to each phone in your home. If you use your computer to make online calls place a notepad there too.

February 6 Are your pets’ tags up to date with your current contact details? If not. arrange to have them replaced.

February 7 Clean your door knobs today. These are very high traffic and are often forgotten when we do our daily cleaning routine. Brass or copper door knobs can be given a new life if you rub them with a lemon wedge which has been dipped lightly into salt. Rinse with water (optional), dry and buff to sheen with a soft cloth.

February 8 Replace the liners in your dresser drawers. Tuck a fabric softener sheet under the liner to give your clothing a fresh scent without going to the expense of buying scented liners.

February 9 Make today a family orientated day. Take a trip to the zoo or have a day at the park to play a game of Frisbee.

February 10 Label your air conditioner with today’s date and change your air filter. Add this day to your calendar and set up a reminder for the next change date – this you can do on your Outlook calendar, Yahoo calendar or on your cellular phone. **And for a yummie smell through out your home, ad a dryer sheet to the A/C filter!*

February 11 Today is Thomas Edison’s birthday. Replace all your light bulbs with energy saving ones to celebrate the even longer lasting bulb, Edison would be proud.

February 12 When did you last change your toothbrushes? Toothbrushes should be changed every 3 months for them to remain effective.

February 13 Learn something new today, whether it be a word from a foreign language, a new skill or hobby. There are loads of authoritative internet sites providing free courses online for a multitude of subjects. For instance:,,

February 14 Today is Valentine’s day. Plan something fun and romantic with your loved one for this evening. ** We are having a "Cocktails and Kisses" Party!!**

February 15 Test all your locks, windows and the security system of your home. Make a note of any windows that need oiling or securing.

February 16 Today is a great day to discuss our presidents and the role they played giving us the freedoms we enjoy.

February 17 Do a walking tour of your home and make a note of all the repairs that need to be carried out indoors. Now you can start tackling this project by carrying out a repair every week.

February 18 Buy yourself a new organizing product on your next shopping expedition to make life a little more neat. Here are some ideas: a label printer, accordion notebook to keep receipts, or a kitchen calendar to map out your meal plans.

February 19 Turn off the television for the day. There are many activities that can be done instead of sitting in front of a television. Make a puzzle, play a game of Scrabble or chess, or visit the googolpower website to find great ideas for a TV-free day to enjoy with the whole family.

February 20 Get familiar with your cellular phone. Learn one of its functions today, perhaps Bluetooth, how to assign photo’s to contacts for easy reference, multi media messaging or even how to access the internet.

February 21 Make a family meal where everyone is involved. My girls are 15 and 12 now and pretty much help me cook supper almost every day, but when they were younger there were things like stirring or holding or measuring to help me out!

February 22 Place a fabric softener sheet into a book on your shelf to get rid of that musty smell that often emits from books that are opened rarely.

February 23 Toss out all expired condiments and stale foods from your fridge. (*I try to do this once a month!*)

February 24 Today is International Pancake Day. Use our simple pancake recipe to celebrate this delicious holiday.

February 25 Take your old phone books and catalogs to be recycled. Only keep your current copy and order any new catalogs you might need.

February 26 Wipe or dust all your blinds and window sills today. The view will be so much better. (*Another thing I try to do once a month!*)

February 27 Brighten someone’s smile today by paying them a compliment.

February 28 Clean one small appliance in your kitchen today.

February 29 Place your dish drying rack into the dishwasher for a cycle. The 70°C temperatures that dishwashers reach are great for killing germs and cleaning off stubborn grime.

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