Monday, February 16, 2009

Gaga has Alzheimer's

My Gaga has Alzheimer's.

She used to dress in the fanciest clothes and jewelry. I used to twirl her diamond rings on her teenie little fingers.

She used to color her hair fire engine red. Always had her hair styled, and if it were windy....wore a scarf over her head.

She cooked all her mother's Italian recipes by heart. Stuffed artichoke, foccacia bread, fig cookies and more.

She sang to me. She sang "Here she is..Miss America" every time I walked into the room as a child.

She called me the Angel with Horns. She also called me ornery....I didn't know what it meant till I looked it up. She's right..I can be difficult....

She went to the mall everyday. She shopped and mall-walked and ate Chick-Fil-A.

She's my Gaga.

Then I started to help her color her hair.

She got very thin.

She repeated things.

She forgot things.

She called me by my mother's name....which I let her because it meant she was at least talking. Unlike my mother, I let her and didn't remind her...I could never make my Gaga feel stupid.

Then she forgot to eat, and bathe and dress.

She's in there...just sleeping. Sometimes she would wake up....even for a few minutes.

It's hard to witness and even scarier to realize...that may be me one day.

I love you Gaga.

Love your little Angel with Horns

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