Monday, February 16, 2009

Mommie Math

This is true, in fact, this is what happened to me yesterday...and when describing it to my husband...I called it Mommie's Math

Sunday night, I left my shoes in my daughter' bathroom. Monday morning I came out of my room to see ONE shoe in the hallway. Hmm...strange. (For a moment I forgot I left my shoes in their bath) So I look down the hallway and then to the bathroom.

Then it hit me "Jac's Hamper!!"

"Why would it be THERE?" my husband asked.

I walked in there and YUP! There's my shoe!


Deduction...Jac was the last to take a shower last night in their bathroom. She picked up her clothes off the floor and put them in her hamper (which included my shoes under her clothes) of my shoes apparently fell...but she wouldn't notice...she's a teenager. Nor would she think to pick it up when she passed it a million times in the hallway. SO one was in the hamper to match the one she dropped in the hallway.

Mommie's come in handy...

And like I told my cousin, after she said she could have used Mommie Math....

It really works on pre-teens and up! Mommie math would never have helped me find the remote in the toilet when mine were toddlers!

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