Monday, February 16, 2009

My Baby Girl Turned 15!!

It was 15 years ago today that I gave birth to my first child. Every year on my daughter's birthdays, I always tell them about the day they were born. This year, I thought I would share.

I woke up early on a Sunday morning. I always had to do this very slowly as the baby had dropped a week prior and the slightest movement from horizontal to vertical made her drop right to my bladder!

I slowly got out of bed and tried to make it to the restroom. But this time, well I thought I didn't make it. I screeched at my husband, "Oh my God! I think I just peed on myself!" I was so irritated at myself! So I get to the restroom, but noticed that it was my water that broke!
I freaked out quite a bit....first of all this was the day of my Baby Shower! And second, my baby was not due for 4 weeks!

I crept into the bedroom and quietly said, "Don't freak out"....which in hindsight a very pregnant woman should NEVER utter to their husband. "Don't freak out" I said, "But I think my water just broke!"

At that, my husband literally did a Spiderman leap over the foot of the bed and we started to freak out! He ran around looking for the phone to call the Dr. I was more preoccupied with taking a shower. I felt filthy!

During all this, my husband couldn't contimplate why I wanted to shower. "There's no time!" So at that, we got dressed and called family on the way to the hospital.

We got there in one piece, I was not feeling the full force of labor yet at all. So they put me in triage to figure out my status. I lay on a bed and get hooked up to everything imaginable. I was asking about my Dr. Where was he? "He's on his way, but we need to see if you bought a room or we're sending you back home"

With that, I was left alone. Man, did I have to pee! I called out, but no one came. So I toppled off the bed and ripped out the monitors....I REALLY had to go!

Well, nope....didn't have to 'go' was the rest of my water!

Yep! I 'bought a bed' that day! And here comes the labor!

Did I mention this was the day of my Baby Shower? Well imagine THAT call! My husband called my friend, Dena, who was giving the shower. She totally thought he was kidding, "No, Dena, we are at the hospital right now! She's having the baby!"

I told her to go ahead and have the shower, no need to waste all that food! So while I was there, my shower goers had a pool to see who could get closest to the time she would be born!

I was in the most excruciating pain I had ever felt in my life! But Nurse Ratchett - as she became known to me and my family - said it was just 'pre-labor'. She even sent my father home saying, "Oh it will be HOURS before she delivers!"

If that was the case.....I was NOT going to make it! I cried and cringed....ugh! My mother did the scene out of Terms Of Endearment begging the nurses to give me something for my pain!

Nurse Ratchett refused....ugh! Finally my mother pulled another nurse in to check my monitors. She moved the monitor belt down a bit and paper FLEW out of that contractions were OFF THE SCALE!

So, my mother had to call my father and tell him to turn was going to me any minute now!

My Dr. finally arrived to check on me, and they noticed the baby's heartbeat slowing down with the contractions. She was getting pushed up into my pelvic bone instead of down and out. All I heard was "We have to take the baby....emergancy cesarean"

My heart dropped!

So there I was, being wheeled off to surgery. The next thing I remember is having my arms strapped out and down, a mask on my face and a heavy sheet over my chest. Now I am HIGHLY claustorphobic, this was torture. I was wigging out so much, that Nurse Ratchette grabbed my head and said that if I tried to wiggle out of my straps again, she was going to add more! I kept looking at my husband saying, "I can't breathe! I can't breathe!" He said if I can talk I can breathe. Hehehe

I pretty much missed the whole birth because I was freaking out. But the moment they pulled my daughter out, I saw her for a brief second and never heard her cry. This was very hard. No cry? What's wrong!?

She spent the next seven days in the NICU. Hooked up to machines, her oxygen blood level was off, fluid in her lungs and they feared she might be blind. I got to see her when she was 2 days old. I named her Jacqueline Rose. After my grandparents, Jack and Rose.

Day after day we stayed with her, and when I was released from the hospital without my baby, that was heartbreaking! FINALLY, we got to bring her home. We went immediatly to my parents house to surprise them with the baby! Oohhhs and Ahhhhs all around!

I will never forget getting home with her, laying her in her bassinette and looking at my husband and saying, "Now what do we do?"

So here we are, fifeteen years later. You would never know she had such a harsh introduction to life.

Happy Birthday, Jac! My mini me, my awesome girl, my strong independant lady!

I love you!


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