Wednesday, March 25, 2009

For The Privacy Of A Teen

I never had a lock on my door. NO Way! And the Mr. wishes he had one when he was a teen!

My 15 year old is a great kid, but in desperate need of privacy...not from us....but from her 12 year old sister. She goes in her room after she's left for school....looking for clothes, make-up...whatever.

After a deep spring cleaning of my 12 year old's room, markers, clothes and odds and ends that belonged to my 15 year old was discovered hidden all over!

So to keep the peace, and sanity, we got her a lock for her room. And yes, we have a key as well. We're respectful....not crazy!

So thank you to the Mr. for getting and installing the new doorknob! With out it...I certainly would be losing MORE hair!


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