Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tofu 'Chips'

Okay, can stop now. I've had SO much ribbing about making these! But I just wanted to try them! Any chance I can get my husband to eat tofu, I jump at it!

And you know what? Mr. Meat-a-vore FINISHED THE PLATE! He ended up taking it off of the coffee table, where we were sharing, and sat it on his lap and finished! Although there were hardly any left when he took the plate, I still loved that he did that!

All you need is:

Extra Firm Tofu
Seasonings of you choice. I simply used Season Salt.

Drain tofu. I did this before I started dinner by setting the tofu on paper towels, letting it drain and blotting here and there.

Thinly slice and season, put in HOT oil and fry. Simple? Yes!

The last ones I cooked were darker than the ones in the pic...but it does take roughly 10 minutes of cooking tofu to start getting it to turn dark.

Don't play with them while they're in the oil! Just let them float and pop and crackle!

*Again...apologize for the sad photo..but they were literally disappearing off the plate before I could snap a shot!

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Dang, those look pretty darn tasty! I have to try this one out with the fam! (Mine is a meat-a-vore too, btw!) ;)