Monday, May 4, 2009

Moody Foody Weekend....and no pics! :(

As you all know, usually I have step by step photos of everything I cook. Well, this must be an exception! How could I forget to do this?!?! Well, me and my teenager were cleaning and cooking. She wanted chocolate cake and we would clean, then stop and look in cook books! Chaos...

So we made the cake, then I was wondering what I was going to fix for was Sunday, the Mister was working, the little one was being brought off to the pantry I went!

Split peas......a bag of split peas.....sitting there....staring at me. They've stared at me for about a month...from that shelf in the pantry. They knew I didn't know what to do with them.....mocking me, they were!

I'm always up for a challenge! So I took them, put them in a pot, covered in water and added salt, pepper, garlic salt, garlic, red pepper flakes, Italian seasonings and boiled. In the middle I added a potato (as I do in these soups that will end up being pureed).

I boiled it until the split peas had about doubled in size and were nice and soft. I added a bad of mixed veggies I had in the freezer.

Now, this is where you take recipe was followed. Out comes my plain non-fat yogurt and into my pot it went! A little milk, more seasonings, horseradish and tasting as I went along....I adjusted.

Over to my blender, whirling it by two to three cups at a time until it was a beautiful hue of green and smooth as silk!

It was DELISH! In fact, my husband who has had his share of split pea soup, said this was the best he's ever tasted! That meant allot to me!

And again...sorry I have no pics....but here's our cat, Vallie, relaxing that very same day!

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