Monday, July 20, 2009

Choir Camp

So yesterday I dropped my first born, my first baby, off at choir camp two hours away from home. I did good, I didn't even cry.....until I was headed towards the parking lot....

We got her to her room, mommie unpacked and put all her things away and put her sheets and blanket on her bed. Wasting time really, not wanting to leave.

My oldest has always been so independent...even as a very young child. In her shoes, this far from home, I'd be in tears and homesick immediately. But not her. Well not immediately....anyway.

I texted and chatted with her in the car on my way home. I texted more when I got home. Sensing doubt in her texts and voice. She was alone, not really knowing anyone. My heart was breaking for my baby girl.

I told her what a wonderful opportunity this was for her. And told her that I knew she'd make friends right away.....she always does. I also said that she will have week with music and be home before she knows it. Heck, she may not even want to come home!

Mommie loves you baby and can't wait to have you back home!.

Being all GUNG-HO to leave home for camp!

Her room at camp....

Her very pretty view from her room...

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