Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cilantro Hummus....and a sammich!

Okay, as usual (for the most part) I don't have a literal recipe for this. It's what I've adapted for myself and my family. I love hummus. And when I say LOVE I mean I could eat it with almost anything! A wrap, on a pizza, in a pita, on a mushroom burger, in a salad or on it's own with a few mix-ins. It's very easy to make, healthy and yummo!

I start with a bag of chick-peas, a tube of garlic (it's got garlic and seasonings..yes in a tube), the juice of one lemon and one lime, water, olive oil, sea salt, cilantro and pine nuts. You can add tahini as well. For some reason, this time I forgot to add the tahini....go figure.

Throw it all in a blender/food processor and get to it.

Now to build the 'sammich'. I had a wheat roll, avocado, mushrooms, sprouts, tomato. Toasted the bun in a little olive oil and build that sammich!

This was awesome! You can add onions, lettuce...really whatever you like...even bacon if you want! (for you meatavores!) The leftover hummus is in the fridge waiting for the Mr. to make his for lunch, I showed him the photo of the 'sammich' just to make sure he gets it right! lol


Brent No Brainers said...

hen ever you are ready you can come cook this at my house

MommieDawn said...

Brent...did you even There's NO cooking in hummus! lol Even YOU can do this...I have faith in you...