Monday, August 3, 2009

Pasta for breakfast? Yup!

So, Saturday is usually our 'free eat' day. Meaning, I come out of my vegetarian-ism for a day and the Mr. eat's what he wants.

I love pasta. Easy enough, I LOVE PASTA. I love linguine, I love macaroni, I LOVE PASTA! But I don't eat it allot. Let's face it, I'd look like the side of a mountain if I ate it as much as I love it.

I also love savory, I'm a savory type of gal. So yes, free day - butter, pasta, eggs, cheese. Sound fattening and free-day enough? I thought so.

Easy peasy....
Pasta (you can use linguine (as I did), angel hair, regular pasta...your choice
Butter, Eggs, cheese (again your choice)
And seasonings - basic, garlic, salt pepper....
AGAIN - Your Choice.

Boil your pasta, in a seperate pan melt butter and cook your seasonings, add your pasta, add your cheeses....DONE!

This dish has been around for a LONG time. You can eat it for breakfast or lunch or dinner. It's easy and filling and you can vary it almost endlessly. Add meats if want...prosciutto, bacon, ham....again...endless.

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