Friday, September 11, 2009

Rooting Avocado Seeds

I've posted before, but will stick with it this time! I swear!

Ok, so back in February of this year, I started to root avocado seeds. (I've always wanted to do this!) So I ran to the internet...duh!

I followed the instructions and started with about 4 avocado seeds. I ended up, 3 months later with ONE successful root. And we named him Fred.....ok ok...I named him Fred.

Fred is doing well in our back yard where we potted him. He's about a foot tall and hopefully will be around a LONG time! You have to understand, that my thumb is SO the opposite of green, that I can kill an ivy just by looking at it!

My husband just bought some avocados, and after he ate one I noticed that he cleaned the seed and left it in the kitchen. I took this as a hint that I should try to root another one. So here we go!

Take an avocado seed...after you make something YUMMIE with the avocado of course! Be sure the clean it very well with warm water and set it out to dry completely.

Get at least four toothpicks to stick in the seed.

Stick the toothpicks in the seed evenly and balance on the top of a bowl or cup. Make sure the flat side (not the narrow side) of the seed faces the bottom. That's where the roots will start. Fill the cup/bowl with water to partially submerge the seed. Make sure you check it at least once a day to make sure the water is clean and submerging the seed.

Then place it in a window. And be sure and check on it....yes it's daunting. But if you have overseers like Mr. Pepper and Mrs. makes the job easier!

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Muneeba said...

This really works?? Yes!!! I would be over the moon if I had an avocado plant in my backyard (erm, when I eventually have one) ... thks for the tip!