Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Balloon Boy

So, we all know the fate of the 'Balloon Boy'. We all (or most of us anyway) were sucked in and glued to CNN, TV and Radio hoping for a safe 'landing' and finding of a happy healthy boy after his breathtaking flight over Denver in a 'Flying Saucer'. And we know now, it was a hoax.

Mr. the future when you want to pull the proverbial wool over our least train your kids to lie better and be more careful in your planning of a hoax.

But, I would like to personally thank the Heene's for giving a few Gosselin Free days. For that, I am truly greatful. But it didn't last long...

Listen to the horrifying 911 call from Mr. and Mrs. Balloon Boy...the panic and terror in their voices of their missing son.

Richard Heene 911 call

Now, see the footage taped by one of the Heene's other sons....staged? I believe so. Watch and the 'flying saucer' suddenly rips away from it's strong tethers unbeknownst to the Heene's.... Oh it didn't. The strong 'tethers' are actually kite string... Oh...and if you think this object will take off this fast with a little boy inside...STFU. Sorry, at this point I at a loss for words.

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