Friday, October 23, 2009

Creamy Corn Carrot Potato Chowda!

This is perfect weather for this kind of was rainy, damp and chilly! So...easy peasy soup, that is VERY easy to prepare, and tastes like you took ALL day to cook!

Simple recipe:

2 cans of cream of corn
5 Cans potatoes
One bunch of celery
One bag or carrots
water to cover
Small carton heavy cream
salt and pepper and seasonings
lemon juice

*You can add pratcially anything to this!

Boil celery and carrots until tender
*remove most of the celery before blending if you want*

Add cream, potatoes (minus 1 can) and corn (minus 1 can) and seasonings

When everything is cooked, spoon into glass blender, liquefy and transfer to another pot

Back to the stove add cheese, can of corn and last of the potatoes...season to taste.

Jac stirring to melt the cheese.

Serve! You can add sour cream, bacon bits....whatever you want to garnish!

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