Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Celebrating Veterans Day

This is my daughters' grandfather, Dalton Prince. He was the most wonderful grandfather and father in law anyone could hope for. He is also a veteran.

Born in East Texas, 27 May 1920, Dalton grew up in Houston. Perhaps it was his early horrendous home life--or lack of home life--that gave him such a special concern for his own family and others, particularly during times of crisis. Dalton was in the Navy during World War II...and afterward came home to Houston and opened up his own business. Later he and his wife opened up Collector's Choice, a gem and mineral business. I was lucky enough to work under both of them and learn the ropes of both businesses, and at the same time my babies got to spend time with their grandparents.

He was known in the mineral world as the Geode Man...Buying and having a geode opened by Dalton was an adventure, and he loved doing it. People lined up at gem and mineral shows to have him crack open a geode for them. And he would marvel at each one with the customer as to what was inside! He was a longtime member of the Houston Gem and Mineral Society, serving as its president in 1987.

Dalton wore a funny hat with a play mouse in it. He carried a fake piece of ice with a bug in it.....and used it every time we went out. He had gadgets and gizmos that made us all laugh. He was truly a gem.

Today, on Veterans Day, I recognize and applaud Dalton Prince as a war veteran, a father, a husband and a grandfather.

Dalton died on 21 July of 2004 due to cancer and complications of diabetes. He left behind his wife (who soon joined him in heaven) three sons, and a daughter, as well as grandchildren and great grandchildren.

And on a side note, Dalton's mother was Sara G Prince, is listed in the Notable Women of the Southwest, granddaughter of Caption James Swisher who signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.

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Sheri said...

Your grandfather was a wonderful man and it sounds to me like he is very much alive in your heart and will be remembered for all the great things he did with his life!