Monday, November 9, 2009

Moody Review - Fukuda

Those of you who know me well, know that we love our sushi! At least once a week if not 3x a month....the mister and I indulge ourselves in sushi, sashimi, seaweed salad, miso soup and Sopporo!

We pride ourselves on being somewhat of pros when it comes to sushi, the freshness, the butteryness, the YUMMINESS of sushi...what else can I say? We just can't get enough.

So, we've been to downtown sushi joints, places in the Woodlands, get the idea.

Some of our fav sushi haunts are Wazabi Sushi Bar in Humble, Chi in The Woodlands, Ichibon Greenspoint, Tenshi Sushi on Jones Road and Kyoto, in The Woodlands.

Wait! Kyoto closed! :( We hated that! We really did love Kyoto! We loved the people and the food! But wait!

Yes, Kyoto closed, but in it's place....Fukuda Sushi emerged!

For those of you who requented Kyoto, Fukuda has totally changed the interior! It's sleek, modern, wood toned and looks larger! The sushi bar is in the same spot, just updated. There is now a bar near the front as well!

A few of the Kyoto employees are still on the payroll, and it was nice to see familiar faces!

We started with salad and soup....and there were two choices of dressings, Ginger and Miso. Honestly, we couldn't decide, we're used to most sushi places just bringing you the salad with the 'house' dressing. I said "Miso" and James shrugged his shoulders and said "I'll have the same"

The sign of a great waiter? One who can read the indecisiveness on a customer. He brought us our two salads, along with two servings of dressing, so we could taste both. And BOTH were just great! Fresh, tangy, salty, sweet... And the miso soup, well who can mess up a miso soup?

And, since it was my first time to Fukuda, I ordered Sushi B...which was the closest to a 'chef sushi' in all restaurants. This way, I can taste normal sushi and judge it on simply taste.

First of all...THANK YOU Fukuda for serving the ginger on a separate plate and not right next to my sushi. I never care for the ginger sushi places serve, and I hate it when it touches my sushi! (Just me?) And, the ginger was natural....not died pink. That was refreshing to see.

And the sushi, well, it was wonderful. For $13.00 I got 7 pieces of sushi and a roll. ANd the portion sizes were very generous...let's put it this way.... The fish was bigger than the rice...that's saying allot in most places. It was fresh and oh so good! The lunch prices are crazy affordable and the staff is very accommodating!

All in All....Fukuda has given Chi is HUGE run for their money! I think we will be frequenting Fukuda more often!

Fukuda Sushi
25701 I-45 North
The Woodlands, TX 77381
(281) 419-8980

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