Monday, November 30, 2009

Silver Tree....Silver Tree....

Last year after Christmas, I was on a purging frenzy! The more I get rid of (Free Cycle) the BETTER I feel!

So, I decided, after 3 years, our tree was ready to find a new home. I gave it away on Free Cycle...and the hunt was on.

James and I always wanted a silver tree. I know....and yes....Silver.

When I was a kid I remember having a colored tree...with sparkly gold glitter birds in it. was the 70's.

But we've wanted a silver tree...reminiscent of the 1950's. I've looked and looked...searched high and low. All I came up with are trees that are WAY out of our budget!

It looked as though it would not be....and I would be destined to purchase a plain green tree this year.

But wait! What's that?! In the mailbox?!? A Garden Ridge Pottery mailer?!

Holy crap! They have 7ft tall silver trees for $149?!?!

I got VERY excited! Then...what's this?!? ON SALE FOR $75 bucks?!?

Now, this is a two-stage excitement story.

The mister was at a college football was two days after Thanksgiving...on Saturday. I had managed (as I do every year) to stay inside during Black Friday. But since, the mister was gone and I was alone...I'd go check out the tree.

Now, if you know know this : I am directionally retarded. I can't find my way out of a paper bag with a map, a candle and a clue. And I was going to go to a store, I've never been to...nice.

Well....I googled directions....from my phone. And as luck would have it....I found it! That, in and of itself is cause for celebration!

But wait...THERE'S MORE!

Not only did I FIND the store...they were having a ONE DAY ONLY SALE. And guess what was on sale? OUR TREE!!!

So, instead of $149 or even the $75...I got it for $59 plus tax!! Yay for me! And I spent $30 on decorations....where the Dollar Tree...and spent $35 bucks.

So, in total...I got the tree AND decorations for UNDER what the original tree was priced at!

Yay me!

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