Friday, February 26, 2010

Can You Text 911?

For some reason while sitting out back having my morning coffee and cigarette this question came to mind. Can we text 911? I mean, honestly, think of all those who have hidden in a closet while a murderer cases their home looking for them. We've all seen the movies where someone is in that predicament and the minute they call 911, they're heard and found out then killed.

Why can't we text our emergency to the 911 operators? What about those who are kidnapped and in the back seat of a car?

One case comes to mind of a police officer's daughter who was kidnapped, Denise Amber Lee. She was abducted from her home, driven down busy roads, winding through residential neighborhoods, in broad daylight, screaming for her life. Even a another driver saw her in the car, was worried by her appearance and called 911. In the end, Denise left a clue behind, which helped convict her killer...she took off her ring and left in the car on the back floorboard.

Back to my point, what if she were able to text 911? She called 911 letting them know her killer was at the wheel. But what if she were able to text more descriptive messages of her whereabouts? Would it make a difference? I can't help but wonder.

But the answer is No. No you can not text message nor can you call over your internet to 911 for help, at least in America.

I always have horrible cenarios going through my head, mostly about my children..always wanting them to be safe...telling them to text me the moment they are home from school and so on. But just imagine your home being broken into. You are able to run to your closet and hide with your cell phone. I sleep with my phone next to my head for the alarm, but the thought of emergency is never far from my mind. When you hear the intruder coming into your bedroom and you ahve your cell phone. You can not call 911 because he will hear your voice. Instead, you text 911, "HELP!", and in minutes the police arrive and either apprehend the intruder or save your life as you do not bleed to death from when you got attacked in the meantime.

I know, it sounds too good to be true. Every single cell phone would have to have a GPS on it in order for this to work out perfectly in your favor. The newer phones have them built old cell phone does not. But still...text your address if you could even. I just can't understand why this is not an option.

Many will say, "There will be SO many prank 911 texts if this happens!" Uh, yeah, about the same as the 911 prank calls? Right?

I just don't see any 'cons' to this implement.

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