Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's Day Gifts Has Arrived!

Thank goodness my kids don't really keep up with my blog, or my oldest would know what she's getting!

I traveled the internet super highway to Etsy for this years Valentine's Day gifts for my nuggets and the mister.  And found GREAT deals....duh.

My oldest's gift came yesterday and I was VERY pleased!  it came from Love Struck Metals .  They specialize in hand-stamped silver, 14k Gold Fill and copper exclusive and one of a kind designs. 

The gift came in a gift box with a bow! So very not expected, but very much appreciated!

(And forgive the out of focus camera didn't want to cooperate for some reason)

And here it is!  Jac is in choir and LOVES it!

Her necklace has a little heart and a stamped pendant that reads "Sing Your Heart Out"
*click image for larger view*

Jessa is also in choir and she loves it.  She sings literally every night. She sings in the shower - we all can hear her singing along with her iPod in there. And she sings in her room...constantly. So I got her a singing - themed necklace.  This beaded necklace came from ...well I'd love to tell you where I got it but there was no business card or label in the package when I received it. 


The mister is always hard to buy for.  He loves music, but gets his own all the time. Unless he specifically asks me, I don't know what to get him.  So, that's the story with his Valentine's Day gift.  He gets cufflinks.  But not your ordinary cufflinks...Day of the Dead ones. I ordered these from Little Angels Jewelry.

And as for myself.  I ordered myself a funny gift. A mustache necklace....because I'm a nerd.  From the same place I got the cufflinks.

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