Monday, February 22, 2010

Heaven has a Beautiful Angel

Connie Andrews passed away Saturday night during her fight with stage 4 breast cancer.  I first wrote everyone to send prayers and possibly donations to help fund her treatments after Medicaid dropped her. On January 13th, Channel 2 News KPRC picked up her story.

She endured chemo while pregnant and parenting a 1 year old and a 5 yr old and still worked a full time job. She had daily radiation for weeks.  She was in constant pain and discomfort every day for at least the last year. She didn't feel pretty without her hair and she hated  that kids were scared of her.

She received donations and the public was made aware of her story. We were all encouraged to help her. She needed to start chemotherapy ASAP, but with the problems with Medicaid, her treatments would cost $12,000.00 each and she needed at least nine treatments.  Instead of getting treatment, she was at homed drained, saddened and feeling defeated.

On January 16, the best news ever! If all went as planned, Connie would have Medicaid coverage in time to start her desperately needed chemo.

On January 22, Medicaid apparently never heard of her (despite the 6 other times she has applied, been approved, dropped, lost paperwork, including her new interview and application and supposed approval last Friday). She felt like she was staring from scratch.
What many of you don't know is that Connie did not have custody of her boys due to being unable to care for them in her sickness. They lived with their father and she got to see them every other weekend. This was very, very hard for Connie especially this past Christmas when all she wanted was one last Christmas with her kids and she didn't get it. She cried often for her babies and this was a source of constant pain and grief for her. She soldiered through that, she met the cancer fight head on, she dealt with the medicaid issues. She rarely complained about any of it.

Saturday night, Connie passed away and we are all saddened.  I can't help but cry for her, her family, her children and want to punch cancer in the throat.  It is not definite that it was her cancer that killed her, she also suffered from asthma and she was found on the floor leaning over her breathing machine.

This is how Connie described herself : I'm a sarcastic bitch. LOL! Well, I can be. I've seen some things and had to go through some things that make me who I am today. I don't let people walk on me and never will again. I am single again and I'm not settling for just anyone this time. I want to find the one that God had in mind for me and I will find him. It's just a matter of time. Most important thing about me is that I have 3 beautiful children that are my world! My daughter is the oldest and I have two baby boys as well (no, not twins...just rather close in age). They are the best!

Connie's Sister Cristin posted this update on Connie's Facebook.

This is Connie's sister Cristin. She asked me to post this when she went to Heaven. She died last night. She loved each and every one of you and was so very thankful for your friendship and support. She wanted people to have a party to celebrate the life she had and that she is in a better place. So put on your favorite Connie song, raise a glass, crack some sarcastic jokes and remember the good tiimes.

For those of you interested :

Funeral will be held 10 am Thursday Feb 25th at Shrine of the True Cross Church, 300 FM 517 East, Dickinson, TX 77539. Burial will immediately follow and then a reception (place to be determined) Visitation is Wednesday night at the church beginning at 5pm with a Rosary at 7pm. Flowers may be sent to the church. In Lieu of flowers, donations to assist with funeral expenses and to set up a small trust for her children may be made to the Connie Andrews Fund, c/o Capital One Bank
1815 FM 646 W. Dickinson, TX 77539
Via credit card or bank transfer at to


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