Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beginning My First Week On The Oil Treatment

So earlier this week I blogged about what I read at Simple Mom. Monday I started - minus the tea tree oil. Yesterday my mister got me the tea tree oil and I added and boy can you really tell the difference!

So to recap - for my skin (oily) it's 3 parts castor oil to one part EVOO and I added about 7 drops or so of tea tree oil. Shake it up and GO!


First I tried to apply it with a cotton pad...thinking this would make it a cinch to apply...but no...the cotton just absorbs most of it. (And NO I didn't say cotton BALL...those of you who know me well...know I am TERRIFIED of cotton balls...)

Pouring about a quarter size portion into my palm, I massaged it in with my fingertips.  Then steamed my face for about a minute with a drenched rag and wiped it off my face with the same rag. 

With the tea tree oil, you feel a teenie bit of tightness which goes away soon, but regardless my face was nice and soft and NOT oily! 

Only time will tell how this regimen will work...but I'm all for saving money and doing things naturally as I can.   I'm also inclined to try the baking soda 'shampoo' and apple cider vinegar rinse...

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