Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Home Made Pesto...again....

I can't help it! It's SO easy to make. I didn't have any pinenuts this time (which my youngest preferred) so the recipe was as follows...

1 bunch of cilantro, EVOO, white wine, parm cheese, garlic (I used 3 big cloves) and lemon juice.

I put the cilantro in first with parm and garlic...and whirrrrrrred. 

Then took the top off and slowly added some wine and drizzled the EVOO in...then the lemon.

And voila! 

At this point, you can put the pesto on anything - chicken, fish, add it to hummus, toss it with pasta. You can grill with it, sautee with it...almost anything!

We did pasta.

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