Thursday, April 15, 2010

The 99 Cent Only Store

I love a bargain....I really do! But I'm also a vegetarian who wants to feed her family healthy.

I'm married to a meatavore, and I have one daughter who won't eat red meat, and another who's a vegetarian like supper time gets pretty tricky. For the most part, my husband puts up with my meat free cooking - and he'll get his meat during his lunch hours or when out without me.  With that said, grocery shopping is and can always be expensive. And to be quite honest - I don't have the luxury of sitting around for hours cutting coupons - I'm a mom, a wife, a full time employee and on the verge of opening my own business.  So I have to be smart about it all.

Close to our house is Target, Walmart, Kroger's, HEB...all places I could go grocery shopping at. And I do, from time to time when I want fresh vegetables or herbs or something special.  I even support my local growers by going to the Farmer's Market when I can.  But for everyday cooking, things for my middle schooler to take to lunch, snack and so on - there's the 99 Cent Only Stores.

I went yesterday, and didn't think anything of it when I took at picture on my cell phone of my loaded trunk and posted it on my Facebook.  And I got a few comments and realized, not everyone knows about this. 

Now, you have to remember where you are.  They do have produce - but it's not up to my standards. You have to remember, the potatoes you buy (this is one of the few produce items I buy there) won't last too long in the pantry.  But all in all - dishes, tee shirts, socks, cups, coffee cups, house hold cleaners, toilet paper, paper, towels, sodas, pasta, soups, cake mix, car cleaners, air freshners...I could go on and on....all 99 Cents!

Some canned items are .59 cents, and some items are 6 for .99 cents and so on.  Tooth paste, shampoo, body wash...99 cents.  A gallon of milk - .99 cents.  A dozen eggs - .99 cents.  Granted, the eggs are a little on the small side - remember where you are.

In a perfect world - I would live on dozens of acres and be able to grow my own food and have dairy cows and raise chickens for their eggs.  But I can't, it's not a perfect world and I have to feed a family of 4 (or 6-depending on who's over) on a tight budget. And The 99 Cent Store works for me!

Yesterday I filled my trunk (quite literally) and spending only $65.00 at the store.  

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