Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Peep Cake

Easter - a time for peeps! Yellow, blue, purple, pink....PEEPS. Marshmallow Sugary Goodness!

I found the Peep Cake online and thought it would be fun to make with my kids. I made it on Saturday and my 13 year old helped. With that said, no, nothing was homemade this time. With a teenager #1 and an Aspie #2 - attention span is limited and mounting excitement of 'licking the bowl' and decorating the cake was at an all time high.

My nugget wanted a four layer chocolate cake - and so it is.

After they cooled, we one by one layered and iced with strawberry icing

All layers were done and then comes the chocolate icing!

My nugget adding Cherry Cordial Kisses and the Peeps!

And we made our dents in it!

My cousin - who is also my OCD twin - made one as well.  and since I let my nugget decorate...and almost suffering a stroke in the process... it's not perfect...but it's still delish!   Here's my cousins cake: 


Anonymous said...

Oh my. That looks sooo good. I don't even care that Easter is over, I might make that now. Haha!

MommieDawn said...

Hey Mrs. Muffins - I'm sure there are TONS of peeps leftover...GO TO IT!! We're still trying to eat our way through the