Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Man....or is it?

Yesterday (the 22nd) was my amazingly handsome hubbie's birthday!  The weekend will be busy, he will be working and he had visitation with his girls...  If one of our birthday's is during the week, we (like many) celebrate on the weekends.  But with our weekend not working out, I planned to just get everything done for him when he came home from work.

What I planned to do (notice I keep saying 'planned'?)  Was getting off of work a little eary and rush home to make home made chocolate cupcakes, with an awesome icing recipe I was DYING to make, that were filled with peanut butter cups. And making the Barefoot Contessa's Spinach Pie with a side of cilantro rice. And have it done all before my handsome mister got home from work.

What actually happened was, when I got home, I had a messy house with one teenager on the sofa, and one teenager friend sleeping on the floor.  My other nugget was at the call back for the Pop Show at her school....who I had to pick up by 5. Or so I thought.  She ended up being done around 7 30...and I had to taxi one of her friends home.

So, in a nutshell. I got to make boxed plain icing and sprinkles. No dinner, nothing.  So much for Happy Birthday Honey!  But I thought I'd share the cupcakes anyway - plain white batter, filled with a peanut butter cup inside.

Then we dipped the cupcakes, face down to get a thin layer of icing from our bowl, then dipped them in the sprinkles.... and ta-da..!

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