Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy First Date Anniversary!

Four years ago today, I found myself on my way (reluctantly) to a blind date.  At that point in my life, I was SO over dating. I mean, I had been 10 years divorced and found myself dating losers....the lowest of the low sometimes. They were liars, they were selfish, they were ....well losers.  I had been washed up and hung to dry.  I had lost any hope of ever finding someone.

Literally the night before, I told a friend that I was content with growing old as the cat lady of the street.   And I was serious.

So, there I was on my way to this blind date.  On the phone with a girlfriend of mine.  She was telling me to "Just GO!" and "What's the worst that could happen?" and "Hey, you'll get a free meal and free drinks!"  I was driving under the speed limit, as slow as I could without causing an accident....making my way to the bar we planned to meet up at.  I even made a pit stop at a gas station to buy smokes and gum...both of which I already had.

So I got there, and took a seat out front on the patio, and stayed on the phone with my friend.  I told her, "You're staying on the phone with me as my bail out in case he gets here and he's a loser!"  And she did.  And then....I saw him.

We still laugh when I describe it.  There he slow motion...walking from his truck to the patio.  He slung his leather jacket over his slow motion.  His strut (as I lovingly call the Yeti Walk now) was slow and intriguing.  That's it...I was hooked and I remember saying, "Ok, I gotta go! Bye!" and hung up my cell.

That first date lasted 26 hours.  Two weeks later we married in our living room. And the rest as they say is history.

Happy First Date Anniversary Honey!

Here's a picture of us on our first his house...with my camera on timer on the entertainment center.  :) (And yes, I'm wearing stacked up heels...I'm very much shorter than my man..)

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