Monday, April 5, 2010

iHeartFaces-Week 14 - “My Story In Photos: Dessert Recipe Edition”

Vacation Week at iHeartFaces so we are all posting yummy desserts!  Here's mine!

I've made ice cream at home cans sandwiched with rock salt and ice....roll the can...time consuming.  I've made it in at-home-ice cream-machines....again TIME consuming.  Are the results good? Yes...but it's not something you can make in minutes....until now!

What was so funny, is that my kids guessed and guessed..when I was slicing the bananas, when I put them in the freezer, up even until I handed them their bowl.  Ice cream? YES!

In order to enjoy this ice cream, you need to like bananas. Why? Because that's pretty much the only ingredient in this ice cream!

Take 3 to 5 bananas and cut them in about 1-2" slices, put on a plate and stick in the freezer for one to two hours.


 We ate dinner and had a movie going...this was to be our dessert!

Put the frozen banana slices in your food processor.

And Blend!
First stage looks like bread crumbs...

Second stage looks like dough...

Third and final stage is amazing! It takes on the creamiest texture!

You can stop here, if you like.  I added peanut butter and mini chocolate chips!

And there you have it! It was so yummie!



Life with Kaishon said...

I love bananas so much. Yummy. Scrumptious : ) I need a blender like that though to try it. I will try to talk my husband into it!

MommieDawn said...

I got this one at Target or Walmart for under 30 dollars! It's a bit loud - but it does the job on SO many recipes for me!

Marvelous Mommy said...

Haha I'll have to try this one. Great pictures! I'm your newest follower!

MommieDawn said...

Thank you Marvelous Mommy! Same here!


Wow looks easy and so delish! YUM! :) Thanks for sharing!

JoyfulHeartPhotography said...

Love this idea! I used it in my frozen delight recipe but never thought to do something like this. I will definately do this for this kids! Thanks!