Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

We hope all you mama's had a great Mother's Day filled with burnt toast breakfasts served in bed, handmade cards stuck together with glitter and glue and lounging on the couch in your jammies!

This year I spent Mother's Day in my pj's...with my children at home. Meanwhile my husband was stuck on the side of the road with a dead Toyota until a friend came to help. I didn't see him all day.  The food I cooked that was supposed to travel with us to his parent's house in the country - we ate. Presents? My 13 year old drew me some drawings and a letter - it was very nice and sweet. My husband, got a real legitimate wedding ring...that was too small....I have huge man hands. One day I'll have a real wedding ring. My 16 year old.....I got nothing.  So - all of you who's day was filled with burnt toast breakfasts served in bed, handmade cards stuck together with glitter and glue and lounging on the couch in your jammies - suck it....and you're lucky!  :-)

**FYI - When you see the one pan of lollipops in the pic - the recipe makes double that. So depending on what size you make - you can get up to 30 - 45 lollipops!**

This year I made something different, Cake Lollipops. Yep, you heard me...CAKE lollipops!  And there are two schools of though on these little sweet balls on a stick!  One uses cream cheese, and one uses icing.  I used the icing method - and next time will delve into the cream cheese version.

Now, before I begin, I must confess a cooking sin - I bought NO NAME brand...I'm wincing as I say this...because I should know when to go cheap and when to splurge. And THIS was a time to splurge - because it matters.  I bought no name brand white chocolate bark...and it melted waxy and covered awfully.  Lesson won't happen again!

Okay - here's the usual with me - it's not measured...

Cake - any cake you want to make - any flavor - any color. I made a simple chocolate cake and baked it in a 13 x 9 inch pan.
Icing - about 1 1/2 cups of icing - again - any flavor...I made a simple butter cream.
White Chocolate Bark - used for melting and candy coating coating. *DO NOT do what I did. Buy Wilton Candy Melts. I know for a fact they melt like silk and coat smooth as a baby's buttocks!
Lollipop sticks 
*Optional - Food Coloring - I used drops of red to make the coating pink. 
*Optional - Wilton Fondant Icing Writers - in tubes and you can make designs or write - I made hearts.

Now - easy peasy directions.

Bake your cake - and let cool completely.  I had time to do this as my cake was cooling while I took FOUR teenage girls to the movies to see the new Nightmare On Elm Street.  On a side note  - I'm old school and was not impressed by the new movie. Sorry...nostalgia wins over newer graphics, make up and story line.

Once it is completely cooled, I spooned it in a big bowl and crumbled into teeny little pieces.

Then I added my icing - stirred it until it was ALL combined and resembled a yummie chocolate cake mushy bowl and goodness!

Now for the messy part - form the cake mush into balls - I did mine med to's all what you want.  Put the balls onto waxed papered lined pan and stick in the lollipop sticks and put in the freezer to harden.

Now, melt your white chocolate and add food coloring (or not).  Once the cake is hardened to your liking - dip, swirl..whatever to cover your pops and set back on the waxed paper and let harden. Then you can design!


Anonymous said...

Awesome - I think I will try that. You are amazing! ~ Lora Linberg Mackel

MommieDawn said...

Aww Thanks Lori - I wished I would NOT have skimped on the white chocolate so they would come out all smooth...but like my kids said, "They still taste YUMMIE!"

Me said...

Love it...def. going to try it. Was do you think they would turn out if you made them in the ball and then flattened them somewhat between wax paper so that they resembled mroe closely the flattened round shape of a pop? Think they would hold up?? Let me know...CUZ

MommieDawn said...

Hey Queen Bee! I don't think they would hold up...the cake mixture never really hardens, it stays in a creamy type state..but you can do cookies and shove a stick in em!