Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Breakfast Tacos!

Unfortunately as my life goes - it was a BUSY morning in our household. I woke up at 5:30am as usual and scampered to the kitchen to start 3 pasta salads for myself, one of my kids and my mister for lunches. While that was going I had to make breakfast tacos for everyone....take out the dog, get coffee started and attempt to get myself together for work.

When I had everything just about done, I went to throw some clothes on and there was Vallie Cat MEOWING to get in her 'mommmie's' room (my daughter). So, I opened the door to let her in...discovering that I forgot to wake up my kid! (She goes to work with me during the Summer) GASP! I rushed in and woke her and got her going.

Threw some clothes on and back to the kitchen to put the tacos together and put the pasta salads in 'To Go' carry alongs for lunches.

WHEW! It's a wonder I got out the door at all this morning!

Breakfast Tacos For 5
*For around 5 bucks!*

1 Bag Frozen Tator Sticks             .99 cents
Eggs                                            .99 cents
Cacique Queso Fresco Cheese       .99 cents
Tortillas (I had these already in the fridge) (but are usually a buck or so anywhere)
*Total (without tortillas) is $2.97 (before tax)

- I browned the tator sticks in a skillet with a little bit of oil. As they cooked, I chopped them up to resemble hash browns.

-When the tators are done, I added the cheese that I chopped up and put a lid on the skillet to soften the cheese. After it's soft, I mixed the skillet to blend the cheese with the tators.

-I cracked 6 eggs (so that would be around $0.495 worth) and cooked, mixing the tators and eggs.

-Lastly I turned off my burner and put the lid back on to steam any uncooked eggs.

-Spoon them into the tortillas - or eat right out of the skillet!

For additions - you can add ketchup, picante sauce, any extra cheese,and any seasonings. Don't forget 99 Cents Only Stores has a HUGE selection of spices and seasonings!

I fed a clan of 5 this morning! 2 Tacos Each!

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