Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Father's Day it snuck up on me. Again. I can remember a few weeks ago, I was systematically going down my Father's Day check off list :

Find a cake ✔
Make a list of the ingredients ✔

And here it is....DAYS before Father's Day and I've DONE NOTHING!  And by nothing I mean, I've worked, taxied, cooked, shopped, dealt with broken down vehicles with my mister, borrowed cars, returned cars, and all the other normal day to day activities that is normally done. For some reason, I have been unable to find the time to get anything actually, literally, for REAL ✔'ed off my Father's Day list. it is Wednesday...four days to go and I am FORCING myself to go get the canvas for the painting I plan to paint for the mister.  I've printed off the recipe for fondant and the plans for the cake I am making him. 

I'm still stuck on what to do as far as food. Do I make something? Or do I take him out? And I need to check to see if we even have plans for Father's Day with the 'rents. 


I need a secretary.

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