Friday, July 16, 2010

Awwww, He Loves Me!

The girls have been with their father this week as I mentioned and the mister and I finally had a romantic getaway dinner.  That, my friends, is a feat in and of itself! And by romantic I mean it was the two of us, in a public place, with no children and not on a lunch hour rush.  I'll take what I can get these days.

He had the day off, yesterday, (Thursday) (and he wanted me to play hooky and go to Galveston for the day....fat chance with work this week ).  So after work, and after he left the Cigar we went. We met at Fukuda Sushi - yes sushi. If there was one food that I had to eat for the rest of my life - I say sushi. Yes, yes I realize I'm a vegetarian.  I don't eat any meat - except sushi. So shoot me. The mister and myself have an unnatural love for the raw fish. Sashimi, rolls, fatty tuna, salmon, seaweed salad...gimme gimme gimme!

I think we went a bit overboard on the ordering though.

I'm not complaining - but...yeah....that was ALLOT of sushi! lol I'm still stuffed this morning!

It was very nice to sit with my husband and enjoy a meal face to face - without it being a rushed lunch hour and without interruptions.  At home we all eat in the den. The mister in his man-chair, the girls at the coffee table and me on the sofa.

Look, I grew up in the house where it was dinner time at the dinner table with the TV off. No goofing off, no crazy giggling and dad at the head of the table.  I'm over it.  I let my kids eat where ever they want. It's relaxed, it's uncumbersome, it's chill.  We are all close, so there's no need to force it unnaturally.

Anyway - we get home and the mister mows the front yard, which at this point started to resemble a jungle, and I took a much needed relaxing hot shower and jumped into my jammies.  We watched some boob toob and then it was time for bed.  As usual I go first - that's my head start given to me by the 'Yeti' before he takes the 45 seconds to start snoring with all his might.  I NEED MY SLEEP!  Literally, I will get to the point that I fall apart and weep like a moron if the 'Yeti' keeps me up too many nights in a row.

When I go the bathroom for the last tinkle of the night, there it is.  Awwwwww....he wrote on the mirror!

That, my darlings, was very romantic of my mister.  It was a very nice surprise!  It was written with the dry erase markers I had sitting in the bedroom, leftover from our old home-office we now have no room for since we moved.  I see this being a new tradition for the mister and myself.  I will now move the dry erase markers into the bathroom for convenient use.

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