Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We hope you and yours had a great 4th of July weekend!  Us? Meh...let's see Friday the 2nd was FLOOD day in and around Houston, Tx.  Which meant, my little teenie Lucille (who's no higher off the ground than a Doodlebug) got some water damage....and is still a little stinkie inside.

The mister was none too happy...and attempted to tell me how to "back up, turn around and find a street that's not flooded." are so very insightful! :P

We had a party to go on the 3rd...but we didn't make it. The mister was still working on my car...but I still made the dishes I was going to bring. Marshmallow treats and Toasted bread with herb cream cheese and smoked salmon. We ate it...and it was good!

Here's the Salmon Part...

I have made this bread fact - Can I just start by saying how incredibly proud I am of myself that I can even MAKE bread? My mother cooked...baked...cooked...ALL the time. But I never remember her making bread. I thought it was simply impossible! I bought a bread machine years ago and used that. Making it that way seemed a huge accomplishment for me. Then I braved it and attempted to make home made, from scratch start to finish bread. It's a cinch yall!

Click HERE for the recipe. 

I let the bread cool and sliced it.  Then added some EVOO to a skillet, sprinkled in some garlic salt and browned the bread slices.
 The mister found some yummo smoked peppered salmon......

Then I just added some oregano and dill to some cream cheese......

Then boom....layer is and enjoy. I also added some sliced onions under the salmon.  This was TO DIE FOR!

The Marshmallow Treats were a cinch too.   We started with lollipop sticks in them...then I changed my mind because it was too fun with my kids dipping them with our hands.

You can cover them with chocolate and sprinkles/graham crackers.....or do just the we did.

 Chocolate chips for melting, marshmallows, ground graham crackers, sprinkles.....voila!

On Sunday, my youngest nugget wanted some s'mores.  So she decided to roast a coated marshmallow and sammich it between two graham crackers....  Melted topping and burnt mallows...she loved it!

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