Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Us Girls!

Man, I just realized I have not posted any new food things in a while! Wow...busy or lazy...or maybe both :)

This past weekend was busy - the girls got back from their dad's on Saturday, and my oldest was leaving for camp on Sunday.  ACK!  So Saturday was full of running around making sure she had everything, some yard work and I did some paintings. I was determined to finish at least 2 - yay for me I did!

Sunday was running to Target, picking up and packing - all before 2pm when we planned to leave.  Pshaw...we ended up leaving around 2 45ish instead. But, we packed up the swagger wagon, loaded everyone in and on our way.  Frederick, our GPS, had us enroute and then the downpour. Ugh...horrible weather for traveling.

It didn't rain the whole trip, but enough that I was sick of it.  When we got to camp - good lawd the humidity! It's that kind of humidity that has an foot and ass.   It was horrible!  Thank goodness James was driving.

Wait a minute, let me correct. Thank goodness James was driving because it was raining....we all still had to put up with the mister angry driver man...and I say it everytime to my husband, "I feel like I'm 12 years old again riding with my father. " Who had NO, NOT ONE OUNCE OF patience behind the wheel.  James - he's not to my father's caliber

So we grabbed all the packing things - bags, food, suitcase, duffel and headed to check in.  This time I let my daughter check herself in (although it didn't really count because her friend/roommate assisted  But she made it through and I didn't hear one, "MOMMIE!"  Yay spawn.

Now up to the dorm room and unpack.  Last year I cried, I say this because I had to keep myself busy so as not to cry this time.  As everyone was settling in and some girl, whom my kid called a stalker, would not stop running her mouth, I stood...wait....I can feel it...nose is burning...fighting back the tears....CRAP!

So I said, "Honey, do you want me to unpack for you?"  Because she's my smart assed kid her response was, "I'd say no but I know you'll only do it anyway...keep yourself busy, Ma. "  Thank you Lord for the gift of my older and sarcastic self in child form. lol

So I did, I unpacked all her stuff - put it neatly in her drawers, laid all her tea bags and sugars and tea cup on the desk, laid her perfumes out on the shelf.....made the bed.   Wow...that didn't seem to take I did what I normally don't do (when it comes to my kids) I left.  I gave her a hug and told her I loved her and left.  In tow was my youngest and the mister.  I let her and her girlfriend have a few moments and then we all headed back home.

It was a very nice drive back, we took a 'scenic' route with views of old farm houses, hilly landscape and the occasional 1950's Deco abandoned building.  We were almost home, but I spotted a sign and made a pouty face long enough the mister gave in.

CHOO CHOO SUSHI!  Moving Sushi Bar And Grill.....I couldn't wait!

Now, if you are still reading might be wondering why I titled this entry "Just Us Girls"?  Well, as of today, Monday, with the one nugget at camp and the mister away on's just a girls week with me and my little nugget!

For her, this is a week to pretend what life was like when it was just me and them...and no husband.  I know she misses those days. And she's most excited about sleeping with me....she has slept with me from the time she was a baby until 4 years ago.

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