Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keeping Myself Busy

So the girls are with their father for the week.  While they're off having a fun beachy time, I'm still at home and at work...doing my thang.  Usually when I come home from work, I have my youngest in tow with me, and greeted by my oldest at home. Then the supper routine ensues with tons of belly laughs, noise and just plain awesome fun...followed by the mister getting home around 8 and it's never a dull moment.  You know, the regular....the loudness that we are accustomed to! :p

But this week, with my girls gone, it's just me at work...alone. And just me at home....alone. Well, the animals are there. And trust me, they get sick of my conversations very quickly. Wow...that's so sad.

*AHEM* Anyway - so I need things to keep my busy, and the whole 'cleanhouse' thing gets boring. And I've even began to re-organize my 13 year old monkee's room....again....and that gets old too.  SO, I've started on a new series of paintings! I did two for the mister for Father's Day and have begun to expand my subjects. I'm really liking it!

Here are the two I did for the mister for Father's Day... *They're the two at the bottom*

This week I've done one of my daughter, working on one of my other daughter and then my step-daughters.

I'm really loving doing these - gives me a feeling that I'm somehow channeling the great Andy Warhol. Ok, I know I'm NO WHERE NEAR anyone's talent as a professional artist...but with shows like "Works Of Art" on BRAVO - it's anybody's game!

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