Monday, August 16, 2010

Cottage Cheese Omelet

Sounds weird, huh?  I know...but consider your source.

I had a hankerin' for omelet's Saturday morning.  So, as usual, I grab a pan, some EVOO, eggs, and whatever I'm gonna stuff into them and get started.  I had mushrooms.....and......well, that's it.  Oh wait..there's some cottage cheese back there...yup. Let's try it!

The one thing that set my shitty mood in motion Saturday - I could not, for the life of me, make ONE normal looking omelet!!!  Usually, I make gorgeous ones, omelets that make you see Jesus, they're so pretty. Saturday - no...not one. Nada.  I was pissed!  I ended up making mine, the last one of course, and it split in about 4 pieces in the pan...that's it..I had enough. I threw the pan on the stove, shut off the gas and went out for a smoke. I was done!

But, alas...come Sunday - I was determined to do it. If for noone else, for me.  And I did. So there! : p

Anyway, back to the filling. By Sunday I had no mushrooms, only cottage cheese. But it's AWESOME! I swear!

If you want, use mushrooms, onions, peppers..whatever you want and sauté it in EVOO and when it's all cooked, add however much cottage cheese to it and warm it up. Let it even boil if you want, then shut off the heat and do your omelet.  Here's mine..

Cottage Cheese in the skillet - it gets creamy and melty!  I added salt and pepper too.

2 Eggs with a little water, whirred until smooth and in EVOO over Medium Heat.

After a few seconds or so, pull the sides into the center, tip the pan to swirl uncooked egg around

Cover and let steam-cook a little while longer.  When it's almost done....uncover and FLIP IT!

Slide onto a plate....add the sauteed ingredients and Voilà!

There's the finished product.  The extra cottage cheese 'sauce' can be spooned over the omelet.


*Mind you - I didn't take so much sweet time taking photos for this post. By the time Sunday rolled around..I was lucky I wasn't in a padded room with a jacket that tied in the back*

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