Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sweet Vallie Cat

When my kids were about 6 and 4 I allowed them to go pick out their first big pet.  We trekked up to the SPCA and the girls were VERY specific on what they wanted - A teenie baby white fluffy kitty.  No if's and's or but's about it.

They walked from cat to cat...looking for that little fluffy white kitty cat.  But stopped on a 3 year old black cat.  My oldest yelled for me and then with her pouty face said, "MOMMIE! We HAVE to get this one! It says she needs TOO much attention and that's why they got rid of her! How can she need TOO much attention, mommie?!?  WE HAVE TO HAVE HER!"  And that was it....they were sold. It was this cat we're getting.

We had to wait so she could get her shots and we picked her up around Valentine's Day...this was their present.   The girls officially named her Valentine Precious Angel.

The running joke with Vallie, as she came to be called, was that she must have gotten the 'doggie' shot at the SPCA because she wagged her tail like a dog when she was happy.  It was a riot.

That cat was loved. That cat was in one word : badass.  She was with us for 12 years and all those years, all those moves, all those times - she was with us.  

Vallie hated men. All men.  Everyone I ever dated, she hated. My dad and my  She hated them. So a little over 4 years ago when I got married, I was worried. How in the world is this going to work? To my surprise, she loved James.  Wait, let me make it clear....she was obsessed with James.  He would have to make a point and ask her how her day was and greet her everyday after work, or she'd pout.  Or worse, pee on something of his...just his.  And she did this several times.  He learned to greet Vallie everyday.

Ever since we've had her, she knew when one of us were sick or upset.  When the girls cried, she got concerned and came to them, she rubbed and sat with them until they were settled. When I had migraines, she hardly left my side.  And she used me as a mattress daily.  As I laid on the sofa, there she was on my hip, making biscuits, turning around and plop on me. She only loved being held by my oldest. None of us could really hold her without wrestling her.  But my oldest could hold her and Vallie would just relax.  My little one loved to brush her. Vallie LOVED when she'd brush her.  We'd lie treats out in a line and watch her eat up the trail.

She loved ice cream and peanut butter.  She was the boss of the house and ran the roost.  When she was mad, she'd pee on the floor RIGHT in front of us.  When she wanted a treat she'd YELL and let you know.  If you walked by with something she wanted to see, she's snag your arm with her paw to make you show her.  She was badass.

Last Friday we lost her. Out of the blue and very suddenly to what we think was a stroke or heart attack.  She went so fast and it was a shock to us all.   We weren't ready to let her go, but knew at almost 15 years old she was getting a little off. Missing her jumps, overshooting her landings.  We all loved that damn cat.  She'd talk to you, love to be brushed and lie on her back in what we called "The Dead Kittie" stance.  I have a million pictures of her and wished I had a million and one.

She loved the fire and would sit and stare every time we lit the fireplace.

My oldest loved to lie with her, Vallie was so cuddly.

My oldest would take her outside (which freaked me out) and Vallie would just lie there and take it in!

Vallie playing with her Mousie Mouse

Hugging my arm

My oldest letting Vallie experience snow...she didn't like it too much

Her boyfriend at Christmas time..

Her favorite pose

At Christmas she'd pick a box, and it would be hers until she tinkled in it...

LOVED the space heater

My Sweet Vallie Cat



I realize this may seem a little too 'cat lady' to some of you. And trust me, I never thought I'd be writing a whole blog entry about my cat.  That's how badass my cat was!


Jenny said...

That was a beautiful tribute to a loyal and noble friend. I'm so sorry for your loss.

MommieDawn said...

Thanks Jenny. We all need to get together soon...I'm always MIA!