Friday, September 10, 2010

NAILS! Wow....did I really just yell that?

Yes, yes I did.

There was a blogger on the Today Show last week who was a fanatic at doing nails. Here's her blog  After about 30 seconds I was crazy.

For those of you who know me personally, know that I never shy away from doing things by myself.  If I could learn how to make soap - I did it. If I could learn how to make candles - I did it. Boom! Bam!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE making things or doing things myself that people usually pay boo-koos of moolah for!

So, I spent the day looking at all the nail designs she has online. And, I did a couple on my own. Not too shabby.  And I'll share the pics below.  And just know, that this is something you'll see alot on my blog.  I'm hooked.


Brown, Gold, Black Liner and Clear Coat

Then I did A Pattern after my own heart...the 1980's Criss Cross.  This reminded me of a jacket and a shirt and a pair of earrings I had in 1982.  Wow. I'm old. 

And now, for some hideous feet.
I have NO idea why I did this design or colors.  SO not like me. But, hey...whatev

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