Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Centurian Law - "Credit Attorneys"

Do you have bad credit? Bad credit score? Want to take back debt off?

Do not ever go to that website.  

Do not ever give these morons your money.

They were recommended to us by a friend.  

Needless to say, we'll think twice about asking that friend (who's a business man) for 
advice again.

I emailed them to let them know I was canceling service today. We've been paying them for almost a year...we're out almost $400.00.  And for what? For my credit score to remain exactly the same as it was a year ago. NOT ONE THING DONE.

My first email to them was this :

I need to cancel this service and this account. I've been paying for almost a YEAR and nothing's been done to my credit for the better.

When they replyed to my email, it was :

This is to confirm that your request to cancel your client account with Centurion Law Firm has been processed.  

We hope that if the need for our services should arise in the future that you keep us in mind

We would also like to hear about your experience with Centurion Law Firm and how we have positively impacted your financial situation.  Please call our Centurion Testimonial Line at:

(641) 715-3900 ext. 96341#

Really? That's it?  Good riddance...and I'm attempting to get some of my money back. 

I then immediately emailed them back : TWICE

Really? I tell you I lost almost $400.00 this year paying you people to clean up my credit, you did nothing and I'm cancelling and you have NOTHING to say, offer or apologize for?

Your company is a sham. It's not helpful. It's on the verge of being exposed for what it doesn't do. 

So, I am canceling my service today. After being with your company for almost a  year (Next Month) and wasting my hard earned...very hard earned money and NOTHING being done to my credit score - you have NOTHING to say or offer me? Just a reply to cancel confirm?  This is very disturbing indeed. And you can guarantee that the BBB will know how you operate and so will anyone that reads my blog!

And I get THIS in response :

Hello Dawn,

We apologize for any offense that you took to us simply following through with your request. If a client is unhappy or concerned about the services they are receiving we are more than willing to do a number of things to address their concerns. For example, we would be willing to expedite the client's account, extend their billing dates, and to work with them and the bureaus to ensure that they are receiving exactly what they are expecting. Similarly, when a client sends in a request to cancel, we take that just as serious. We understand that clients cancel for a variety of reason, hence, our no long term commitment policy. Therefore, when an advocate receives a cancellation request with no other comments or requests, we act promptly and accordingly to satisfy that request.

If there is something else that you would have liked us to do on your file, please just specify, not threaten.

Thank you,
The Advocate Team

So my next email was this :

First of all, please check your file. I have complained/commented via email numerous times regarding the service of your company. Month after month I sent in money and nothing was being done as far as my credit score.  I expressed how we have been attempting to purchase a home and nothing was being done to my credit score. Therefore we have lost several homes we had an interest in.

Secondly, your comment "and to work with them and the bureaus to ensure that they are receiving exactly what they are expecting." is exactly what your company promised to do in the very beginning.  So, no that is not what is expected after a complaint, it's what's expected in the early stage of the process.

Thirdly, I did not simply send in a request to cancel. I sent in an email explaining (twice actually) that I was unhappy with the company and lack of any progress.  Receiving a 'confirmation' email to cancel is not what is to be expected when a customer sends in the type of email that I sent. So please do not make anything that I have said as me simply 'threatening' the company.

Sending a complaint to the BBB is well within my rights as a consumer. And blogging about the lack of customer support and action via your company is also well within my rights as an American.

What I expected was an apology for sub-par service. I also expected a reimbursement for the services that were not given that were indeed paid for.  Your company was paid on a monthly basis for 11 months and services were not rendered for every one of those 11 months. 

So, what you can do is reimburse me for some of my hard earned money I am out as a result of the lack of  the company's interest in doing anything remotely close to my credit score. I did everything that was asked of me regarding mailing in creditors letters and so forth. I ask that you don't twist my concern for the operation of this business into a mere threat. That is unprofessional and completely uncalled for. 

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