Monday, October 18, 2010

MOODY REVIEW - Color Oops VS Loreal Hair Color Remover

First of all...I have to say that I never knew anything like this existed!  I am an avid hair-colorer. And I never knew there was something to use to take out darker hair color...that maybe came out too dark.

Man, if I had this in the 80s it would have been 


My 16 year old colored her hair black months ago.  She wanted to have her brown hair back. So she let about 6" of her natural brown grow out while I tried to figure out how to do this without spending a fortune at the hair salon.  I wanted to see
how it left the hair feeling, the condition of the after is a big deal

Finally I came across some called Color Oops.  So I snagged it to see how well it worked.  It says, " This is a miracle product because not only can it remove unwanted color, but it won't damage your hair!  What is so unique about Color Oops is a special ingredient known as hydrosulfite.  Hydrosulfite rapidly reduces the dye molecule without the need for bleach, ammonia, or peroxide. "  Sounded too good to be true. And I was VERY skeptical but gave it a try. 

It looked harmless enough. 

 So put bottle 1 into bottle 2, don't shake but turn upside and upright again a few times till it's mixed and put on your hair.

First, I will warn you that it stinks. Stinks to high heaven. 
It reminds me of when I used to get perms. 
Yup. That smell.  

Secondly, leave on for about 20 minutes, shampoo a couple of time and you're done.

We waited until it dried to see the difference. And I have to say, we were impressed!  All the black was gone and it was a shade closer to her natural brown hair color.  See the pics of before and after below.  Her hair was left soft...albeit a bit smelly. 

But soft....little to no damage done at all. 

She has her brown roots with stubborn black midsection to ends....


ALL one color. her natural brown hair color. 

Now, fast forward a couple of weeks. She wanted to put a particular shade of brown on her hair (as it says you can color your hair immediately if you wish).  So we bought the brown and did the hair.  But, as our dumb luck would have it, shes didn't like the end resut. Ugh.

So back again to CVS to find the Color Oops. And guess what? NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!  We went to Walmart, 3 CVS's and a Walgreens....nothing.  We were stuck - but we saw Loreal had a color remover.

So, thinking  - "Hey, It's's gotta be even better!"  Right?


Loreal is blue powder and a liquid.  And basically what it did was lighten, in strips and very un-uniform, to some parts blonde and some parts brown and some not removed at all!

We are SO not impressed and VERY disappointed.  In the stores...the Color Oops and Loreal Color Remover are SIDE BY SIDE.  Giving the consumer the belief that they are similar products. In my opinion...NO THEY ARE NOT!

The Color Oops says on the box that it's ammonia free and contains no bleach.  Loreal brand has bleach and it way over-processed the hair. This was such a disappointment. 



jessica said...

What a great review of color oops! I am the creative director for Developlus, the company that makes Color Oops. It is an incredible product and reviews like yours give people the courage to try something new and to know which remover works the best. Next time you color your daughters hair - think about using our professional line - Satin Hair Color - we have 72 shades. Choosing the correct developer will make all the difference in achieving your desired color. If she is going darker she should use a semi developer and only process for 5 to 10 minutes maximum. Because your daughters hair is really porous and will absorb color very quickly, making it to dark. Using a good conditioner like Satin Reconstruct will help fill in her hair. Please contact us if you have any questions about coloring. Thanks again!

MommieDawn said...

Thanks Jessica. We really do love Color Oops, it really did the job. I was SO happy to have found it and now have used it on my other daughter's hair and about to do mine. The fact that it's not damaging, contains no bleach and gets us down to our natural color is simply a miracle!

Strongerthaniusedtobe said...

Just stumbled across your blog as I saw a coupon for Color Oops and wanted to find out more about it before I committed. I have the same situation as your older daughter did, even with trying to recolor to get it uniform and winding up with the dark, darker, and the light, lighter or red, even, in places. At any rate, so happy I read this and thank you so much for your review! I'm definitely going to buy the Color Oops and give it a shot as I'm truly tired of having multi-colored hair, and simply don't have the $$ to get it corrected at a salon.

Tina said...

I want to thank you for this review. I recently used a temporary brown color on my blond hair that turned out black. I hate it! I found color oops and was just getting ready to use it, but was a bit hesitant. Thanks to your review I'm now of to get my blond hair back without fear. Thank you so much!

MommieDawn said...

You're welcome, Tina! It also works to strip colors like Manic Panic...the blues, purples....etc.

laura lumley said...

I wanted to thank you because I have looked everywhere to find a good product that actually works and have been so disappointed. I was blond but started dying my hair red and any prduct I tried just never worked to get it out. My hair turned orange, It was awful! My sister laughed some hard on that one. But yesterday I bought color oops and I finally got my hair colour back! Thanks to you!
Thank you soooo much!

Anonymous said...

I never understood the praise for this product. The sulfur-based pigment removers can be such a nightmare. I personally have never had success with the stuff. I'm a member of a popular beauty forum and lemme just say that the consensus is ColorOops is a major fail.

Guess you gals are the lucky few that actually didn't have your hair ruined by this joke in a box.

Not trying to be mean or confrontational here, just being very honest. I'm glad someone was able to make it work.

MommieDawn said...

Maybe you don't understand the praise for this product because you haven't had success with it. We have, hence the praise.

There a very few who's hair has been ruined. Unfortunately, you are the minority.

With care to your hair, ColorOops is a wonderful thing to correct color or rid your head of color to your natural color.

Lyndzi poo said...

Thanks for your blog! Im from Australia so I may have to order online!
I just went from dark brown almost black to almost white took a couple of weeks inbetween bleaching to rid the dark..I had dark ends with lighter coloured hair..I wanted to strip out all the dark & as it goes u get reddish tones...
so I put on a medium ash blonde...1. I should have waited a week before putting this on..& 2. I should have listened to my husband who said it was too dark..
he liked my blonde hair, but my hair had red ends @ the back so my thought was to put an ashy colour to tone the red...& it did that!But now my hair, being stripped has gone a dark grey!! :(
So il be searching for this product!
Thanks for the comeback of feedback too...some people really dont read properly before responding! :)

MommieDawn said...

Lndzi poo,
Welcome to the blog all the way from Australia!

I hope you can find this online to order, it's really gentle. But be forwarned....very stinky. Like 80's perm stinky! But it works great and won't do more damage to your hair like the Loreal brand will.

I'm brunette right now, and want to go back to blonde again.

Be sure, with any chemical you put on your hair, find a leave in conditioner or treatment that has Keratin in it. Keratin is wonderful for thirsty damaged ends!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you so much for sharing your daughter's experiences with each product. I love how some people just live to criticize others and act as know- it -all's...Reading this has saved me from wasting my time and money on the loreal color remover. I have used the color oops before and had good results. I will stick with the color oops and just hold my nose. Lol. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

i wish it had gone well with me. the black did come out, after stripping ALL my layers out. i used to have luscious, full hair. and my hair was down to my but. hair that long thinned out makes u look goth.... i hate it. i was almost in tears as i have worked so long to get it that way.

MommieDawn said...

Dear Anonymous,

I'm sorry it didn't seem to work for you. I've not had that problem. My daughters have very thick hair and mine is very thin, we've all come out on the other side with little issue.

I can make some suggestions, if you can get your hands on pure argon oil as a daily treatment...especially for the middle of the hair shaft to the ends, that can help. I've also been on a regime of Biotin in 10000 mcg taking one a day. My hair is very thin and I lose a lot but since taking biotin my hair loss is almost it makes my nails grow along with my hair.

I don't believe your end result is permanent. Good luck!

jayjay143 said...

I wish I had read your blog before taking loreal color remover to my hair. I had very similar results as your daughter's. It's completely uneven. I was wondering if color opps eventually balanced out the damage done by the loreal product? or maybe I should give up and go to the hair salon :/

MommieDawn said...

Jayjay - I'd relax for a day or so and condition your hair...oil treatment maybe. Then I'd try the Color Oops. It is NO WHERE near as damaging as the Loreal.

heather taylor said...

I have been dying my hair dark brown since 2004. My natural hair color is blonde. Should I try the color oops on my hair? Im scared my hair is going to turn orange or green also my hair is very long about to my lower back. What should I do?

MommieDawn said...

It's always worth a try. If anything it will take out at least one or two shades lighter. You can always bun up your hair and keep a section from the back down and Color Oops that section to see if it helps. I've always noticed the the second part of the treatment tends to darken the hair so I usually just do the first part...the mix part.

jassie hayes said...

I was a blonde,,, I thought I wanted to be more brown but didn't like it:( So I tryed vitamin c to take the color out and it did,,, but now my hair is like a ginger tone! Will this product work to get me back blonde??

MommieDawn said...

I think you could go to Sally's or another beauty supply place and ask about a toner to see if that will take the brassiness out of your hair.

Anonymous said...

I think you should remember not everyone uses these 2 products for the same reason. Meaning some people that could use it may actrully need the bleach and take it from someone who has bleached their hair many times in a shot period... Loreal hair color remover works the same way as bleach just not as damaging as bleach. So I like both products and I am glad for both of them...

MommieDawn said...

I think you should remember that #1 I'm using the product as per it's intended use - to remove hair color previously applied to the hair. Not as a bleach. And secondly, I've explained my intended use of the product...on my head or kid's heads as this is my blog.

Loreal Color Remover is not intended as a bleach. It's intended as a hair color remover.

According to my experience (as stated above) I don't like it. It's damaging and rough to the hair unlike Revlon's Color Oops.

Thanks for reading, but if you want to make the comment that it's not as damaging as anything, I suggest you start your own blog. Stating what you 'could use' a product for instead of it's intended purpose is irresponsible.

And commenting as 'anonymous' is cheeky, but expected.

Unknown said...

I have chemical color on my hair plus I put henna on my hair a week ago since I'm allergic to regular hair color now. But my hair is way too dark and has a reddish tint. My goal is to have light to medium brown with no red tint. Is it possible to use Oops to take out the previous chemical permanent color and will it also take out the henna? Does anyone know a permanent hair color I can try that doesn't have the nasty chemicals in it that I'm allergic too? My head itches and I'll get sores on my head and neck which is why I tried the henna. Henna is OK but I used a light brown and my hair is too dark and has the reddish tint. It's also a pain in the rear to apply.

Thanks for any suggestions any of you may have.

Unknown said...

ColorOops is famous in the henna hair forums esp. at I'm going to use it to strip some of the henna out. Good to see it's the real deal.

nicole louie said...

so i use loreal color remover it sucked it didnt change it pretty much did nothing i only have like 5 streaks thats about it. can i use color opps right after to actually looks like i change my color or is that to much damage to the hair?

Mommie Dawn said...

I would wait a day or so. Do a good deep conditioner or coconut oil treatment on it. Then Color Oops. The L'Oréal brand is very harsh on the hair. I'm so sorry toy had this experience. 😢

Mommie Dawn said...
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Unknown said...

I got the loreal one and I'm headed to the store now to exchange it for the color opps instead even tho it's more :( any coupons for it by chance? And shame shame on Loreal. Neber again!


Moody Moments said...

Good Luck Suzzette! I hope it works for you! I usually Google for coupons or if I'm buying online I have a Chrome extension called Honey that searches for coupons and discounts for me automatically at check out.