Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Yeti Rears His Ugly Throat.....again

I want to start this entry by saying profusely how incredibly much I love my husband. He knows this. And I tell him everyday.  He's my best friend, the one I tell literally everything to.

Secondly I'd like to express how much sleep means to me.  I crave it. I need it.  I am lost without it.  I've raised 2 children and those were some times in my life that I ran very low on sleep. So much so that I have no idea I functioned day to day.  But I was also MUCH younger.

And thirdly, I would like to admit (because I'm not an idiot) that yes, I too do snore.  I've snored since I got a nose job at 14.  Yes, 14, I know.  This has been brought up, and in my defense my snoring does not wrestle my husband out of a sound sleep and cause him to not be able to fall back to sleep and therefore rendering him helpless but to only find refuge on the sofa rock in the den. So there.

It takes me roughly forty five minutes to fall asleep.  If I am awoken in the night, due to noise, movement, animals whining in the takes me another 30 minutes or more to fall back to sleep.

My husband, on the other hand....literally takes seconds to fall asleep.  Head hits the pillow and within under a  minute..he is out. And boy is he out...  He snores. It's gotten so bad, I've dubbed him The Yeti. He snores going in. He snores going out. He snores from his throat. He gurgles. He smacks, like he's eating a sandwich. His nose snores. And then there is the occasional fart...but that's not Yeti behavior, is it?

I've rolled him, patted his back, refrained from smothering him with his pillow.  Usually I've ended up out on the sofa.  And our sofa is NOT comfortable. Not by a long shot. It's basically wood with leather cushions. Ugh.   My hubby started giving me a 'head start'. You know, I'd go to bed first to give me a chance to fall asleep until he comes to bed. It worked, for a while. But still sometimes he'd come in, get into bed after undressing with the bathroom light on, tossing keys on the dresser..or rings on the nightstand and rub my back. Nice, I know. But also a lethal combination when it wakes me up.

When he falls to sleep, I'd wake up, roll him over....again.....again....and end up out to the sofa to sleep. And I have told him, "If I'm sleeping LEAVE ME BE."  But no, he'd have to come wake me up to go to sleep in the bed. Really?  I was getting more and more annoyed. Not sure if it was him or the lack of sleep.

As time goes on, and I lose sleep, I go from being a total and complete tears in a flash. Sleep. I just wanna do that. Sleep. It's almost like going through 'the change'.

Not to mention that I've gone round and round with my husband. I believe he has sleep apnea. I believe he may need a CPAP machine. This conversation has been had for at least 4 years now. I've asked him to go to the doctor and get checked out, see what the doctor says. Bla bla bla.  He has yet to go.

He'll defend himself saying he made an appointment, something got mess up, bla bla bla yadda yadda. I trail off because that's where I stopped listening to him.  But not one more appointment has been made.

For the past year or so, it's been getting worse. And so much so that for the past 5 nights or so, I've not even gone to bed.  My bed is now the sofa. My pillow and blanket stay out there for the most part. He said yesterday how he misses me in bed. He rolls over to snuggle with me, and I'm not there. Boo Hoo.  I don't have any more sympathy left in me. I told him that my sleep in more important at this point that whether he has no snuggle buddy.

My back aches. Horribly. I'm waking up allot - although I'm on the sofa, I'm also in the main part of the house - the living room. WITH the animals who wake me up with whining or meowing.

Now, with all my bitching out of the way, I've done the research. I've told my husband how this is bad on his heart, his brain, his body. I've told him I don't want my husband to drop dead of a heart attack over this shit.

My husband does allot. And by does allot, he works allot, and loves to hang out with friends.  I'm home body. I work as well, but after work, I'd just rather stay home.  And we're both tired...but if he doesn't get this snoring taken care of...I'm not responsible.   >: (

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