Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jessica Beagley - Should Be Punished

I came across this video from a Dr. Phil show.

Now, usually, I don't give Dr. Phil too much of my attention, although I'll watch an episode here and there. I just can't stand his techniques sometimes. For instance, there was a mother who yelled and screamed at her young daughter something ferocious. It tore me up to watch. Her husband was there and Dr Phil said, 'You're there for all of this...correct?'  The husband replied, 'When I'm not at work and it's not always that to that extreme.'  Totally acceptable answer, yet Dr Phil went off the rails demanding the husband not dare say he was embellishing anything or say that his show is mischaracterizing things. The guy never alluded to that; he just stated that no, he's not there 100% of the time and it's not to the horrible extreme 100% of the time. Dr Phil just loses it when someone has the audacity to put any video footage or research 'work' his how does.

But this video was so disturbing on so many levels...I couldn't look away. I am sickened by the behavior of this woman!  In one clip she says they've tried everything - times outs, spankings etc.  Hey lady...did you ever try LOVE?!?! 

I guess my guttural reaction comes from being abused growing up and learning from that to NOT abuse my own children. 

This is one thing about a lot of organized religions that I can't stand - they seem to not frown upon child abuse. Period. Argue with me, if you want, but this kind of abuse is not an LDS exclusive thing.  This kind of abuse goes on in all kinds of homes of various faiths. It’s the Mormon church though, that trumpets to the world in the press its holier-than-thou-proclamation for the family and holds up its members as better than “other faiths” as “forever families”.
(Some info from this blog)

It's of a woman named Jessica Beagley and she's a 'mom' of 6. She's married to Gary Beagley, an Anchorage patrol officer who was once a detective.  They have six children; one of them, a seven-year-old boy, is a Russian adoptee. They are identified as members of the LDS Church; reference is made to a group photo of the family posing outside the LDS temple in Bountiful, Utah. According to RFM, Jessica was recently the stake-level Primary president.

The controversy came to a head during a November 17th episode of the Dr. Phil showed called “Mommy Confessions”. One of Bagley's other kids shot a video of Jennifer disciplining her seven-year-old Russian adopted son, Kristoff. On the video, Jessica is observed to be verbally reproving Kristoff for having received three discipline cards in elementary school for throwing pencils, sword-fighting with another child, and acting out in another class, and then lying to Jessica about the in-school discipline.

Jessica seems to be much more troubled about the lying than the infraction itself. Although assertive, she's not particularly aggressive. Then she has Kristoff drink a small portion of hot sauce. She then continues to reprove him, then allows him to spit out the hot sauce. Then she directs him to take a cold shower; he can be heard crying while showering.

The video was taken by her 10 year old daughter of her adopted brother.

And here's the video on Dr. Phil


dynamanda said...

Oh my god. I had to stop watching when he was crying in the shower. That is disgusting. It absolutely breaks my heart. That poor little boy could have been adopted by a family who would have LOVED him. She doesn't deserve to have children.

Sally said...

Please email me on
Im from Sweden. I need to talk to an american about this sick women - in private. God bless you for spreading the word about this evil actions of this women!

MommieDawn said...

@Sally, I don't email in private. If you have questions/comments, please leave them here.

Anonymous said...

In my former capacity as a judge, I would have no problem in finding probable cause to issue arrest warrants for this women, least of all for child abuse. I would call into serious question why the Anchorage Police Department is protecting one of their own for obvious dereliction of duty and malfeasance in office since the husband, a sworn law enforcement officer, allowed this act or these acts to be committed with his knowledge and/or in his presence. Child Protective Services is also not blameless since their investigators have failed to act in the face of video recordings of abusive conduct occurring.
Religious affiliation is no defense.

Anonymous said...

I would like to do the same thing to HER! For God's sake, he is 7 years old! Kids misbehave, it is our job to TEACH them the right way, not attack them! You, Jessica, do not deserve any children, you are just plain EVIL! If you are claiming it is some kind of religious practice to treat children that way, you need to get your bible and read Mark chapter 9 verse 42. You are surely going to burn in hell unless you repent your sins!

floridapoolbum said...

This is part what is wrong with the world today, they are to busy whining about about how terrible people are when they try to discipline their children. Children are out of control because the parents aren't doing their jobs teaching their children how to behave and how to act. If a child has a problem with lying or being mouthy, give them a little hot sauce! That is something that they will remember. Child Services Departments and Prosecutor's offices should be focusing their efforts on the real problems. Jessica Beagley needs to be given credit for actually teaching her child. At least she didn't shot and murder her children for being mouthy like Julie Schenecker did!

floridapoolbum said...
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MommieDawn said...

floridapoolbum You are a disturbed individual. Hot sauce was not produced as a tool to discipline children. I suggest you stick to what you know - Interior Design, Richard Marx and Star Trek. Save zome for you.

Anonymous said...

She should have kids removed immediately. She wants the validation from her church. She seems to be really dumb. She wants to prove to the church that she can be hero woman by adopting more than she is capable of handling. Why? She is trying to be what she's not. And a mom, she is not. She needs time away from kids for a long time. She needs to change career plans. She would be a good army sargent or something along the lines of that nature. A dog would care for that boy better than she could. At least the dog would protect him from harm. She does not protect her own children. She takes direction from strangers (the teacher, the church) because she can't come up with an opinion of her own. MORON.