Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Coming To A Close

It's that time of year again...where we collect our thoughts, memories, happenings of the past year and chew on them for a bit.

2010 started off with my oldest turning 16...and it's ending with her impending 17th birthday.  It doesn't seem right that she's that old.  It doesn't seem like that long since I brought her home from her extended stay in the hospital after being born.  I can still remember the first snow of that year....she was 9 days old.  My youngest baby just turned 14.  I can't believe that either.  I look at my daughters, and remember myself at their ages.  I have solace in the fact that they are ahead of the 'teen' me.  They have me to talk to.  I don't lie, hide and cover up things. God, those girls have healed me so much, in ways they'll never be able to understand.

2010 held a shit ton on awful things. I lost my grandparents this year.  I hadn't seen them in a few years.  After cutting communication (sort of) with 'mother' - and her long arm of control freakism - I was also cut off from my grandparents.  They died within months of each other, my grandfather first and then my grandmother followed him.  I cried a lot in those two months. I cried because they were leaving, because I couldn't see them, because word trickled down I better 'not show my face'.  Mother allowed all the dysfunction she created and allowed in my life to interfere with even the most remotely minuscule ounce of human emotion to allow me to grieve.  I hold the smell, memories, laughter, sounds, of my grandparents...I hold all with me...that can never be taken away.

We also lost our sweet Vallie Cat this year, none of us were ready for that.  But before we thought we were ready for another 'baby' Sophie cam to live with us.  And she fits in just right.  Buddy even puts up with her. :)  James and I took our yearly trek to The Blue Lagoon for a weekend of camping...that trip can never come soon enough.

Trips to my in-laws place...or my Happy Place....are always welcome.  I'm working more on my photography and painting, my daughters work on their singing and hobbies and my husband works...just works himself into the ground.

I've had several "Go Arounds" with the sheeple of Michael Berry - that allows me tons of entertainment. So blind they can't see he's leading them fresh over a cliff, so ignorant the best thing they can do is call me a bleeding heart liberal. That's kind of where it always ends.  So sad.  Such idiots.

And since tomorrow is New Year's Eve we'll celebrate at home with virgin drinks in fancy glasses with noise makers and hats and poppers!  That is, if I can stay up until Midnight....I think I've missed it the past couple of years.

Happy New Year's To You and Yours.

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