Monday, January 24, 2011

Chicken Fried Back Strap

That's right. You heard me.

I grew up in a hunting/fishing family. My dad and brothers brought home deer, turkey, hogs and fishies to eat.  We all grew up eating the fruits of their labor, never wasting and sharing with extended family members.

Now that I'm older, and my body won't accept the meat I attempted to feed it, and the gall bladder has gone wonky....I've been a vegetarian for years.  It's also helped to control my migraines, which I've suffered from for over 20 years. Now, being a vegetarian comes along with tons of baggage to the outside world.  When people hear that I'm a vegetarian a lot automatically assume I'm a card carrying member of PETA and you best not be eating meat in my face or I'll beat ya!  Or maybe that I'll sit and do nothing but try and convince anyone who'll listen if you eat meat you're a horrible hellish person.  It's just a bonus that being a vegetarian has a bonus that I'm not contributing to harming animals.  (I'll refrain from the nasty gross conditions of which meat is processed.) lol

NOW - my mister came home with deer meat give to him from a friend.  I grew up on fried deer meat, deer chili, deer sausage and there is NOTHING that will stand in my way from eating it!  So, chicken fried deer meat it was.

Oh my God.  Heaven.

Until I attempted to digest it...and then I suffered.  But it was worth it.

The trick with deer meat, is trying to get rid of it's "gaminess".  It's a wild animal, so it has a lot of 'gamie' to it's flavor.  The best trick to get rid of some of that and add some flavor is to soak it for a few hours, or overnight, in Worcestershire sauce. After that it's as easy and an egg, milk or buttermilk wash and a coating of flour and frying it up!

The best accompaniment is home made gravy!





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