Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Color Oops-ed Myself...

So, as promised - here is my Color Oops experience.

I performed the Color Oops on my daughter a while back, and decided to take all my black out of my hair.  Just to see what my hair looked like after tons of coloring.  And boy it's light.  :)

Here' s the 'Before'

And here's the 'During'

I let it stay in roughly 25 minutes and massaged my head a bit.  As you can see above, the black was getting neutralized to show my auburn-ness.

It's a color-less mixture and very liquidy. 

Now, the smell.  I can bear it.  It's not the regular 'hair color' smell.  It's more of the 1980's bad perm smell.  But all I do is take a shower when it's time to rinse....wash several times and rinse several times and take my clothes and any towels I used to the washing machine. 

And poof! I'm back to my 'natural' auburn....with some grays.  

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Lenetté said...

Your natural color is beautiful. :)

Haliet Lworps said...

I LOVE your natural color!

Haliet Lworps said...

Ok the Auburn, is that dyed or natural. Just asking because of your quotes. And if it is dyed what brand and color did you use? It is perfect!

MommieDawn said...

Haliet - That's is pretty much natural. That's how my hair turned out after I Color Oops'ed my hair. I have naturally light brown hair (or did before all these grays).