Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolutions Anyone?

I don't ever make a New Year's Resolution. I'm the type of person that thinks why wait until the beginning of a year to give yourself goals? I'm also the person that thinks those who pout and bitch and moan about not having anyone to kiss on New Year's Eve needs to shut up and get a hobby.  And so, here I am at the beginning of another year.  My oldest will be 17 year old this weekend.

SEVENTEEN.  Did I mention that?  Do you remember where you were at 17? I do.  I was a junior in High School.  That's about the only concrete thing I knew.  I was clueless. I'll repeat SEVENTEEN!  She may look like me and act like me and laugh like me....but she's so much more awesome than I was at her age.  Smart as a whip! Honors classes! Choir star!  I'm so proud of her!

Back to the topic at hand...resolutions.  Now, as I said I don't make them...what I do is just hold myself to what I do yearly.

I rid my life of drama.  It really doesn't matter who you are - a so called parent who refuses to take responsibility for anything wrong they've done in your life, or someone who talks shit about an enemy and then turn around and kiss their ass.  I really don't have room for you in my life.

Now that means that as time goes on, my circle gets smaller and smaller.  And I'm fine with that. I don't need to surround myself with people who have fake intentions, motives or faces. I don't live to impress anyone and I have been known to burn bridges. Now, that isn't all good, and I know it. But that's who I am. I don't burn a bridge and then for the sake of 'feelings' pretend nothing ever happened.  I'm human, and if it still hurts.

There - that's my Resolution if you want one.  I resolve to continue to weed morons out of my life, so that I can enjoy those who love me and whom I love.

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