Friday, February 18, 2011

Chris Baker's Back In Houston?

For the time being anyway.

Chris Baker is on from 4 - 6pm on KSEV 700AM Houston. It's not his own show, but he's there for now.

He states that he, "chose to put myself in a position to be ready for the media of the future, while at the same time providing security for my family. My next opportunity does just that and I am very excited."

Baker is a man of his word, a rarity sometimes in the broadcasting biz, because he told me he would tell me first about his new show. Thank you Chris.

Baker started out in Houston around a decade ago on 950 KPRC. He then went on to also work at 740 KTRH. After leaving the Houston market in 2007, Baker returned to 950 KPRC in 2009. At the time, he was broadcasting from Minneapolis where he had a morning show on KTLK-FM. Baker left KPRC last November and KTLK in early February.

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