Thursday, February 24, 2011

Drunk High Dad Kills Baby - Houston, Tx

A Houston man who told police he drank 18 beers and used marijuana and cocaine while watching his one-month old daughter has been charged with capital murder in the girl's death.

Milton Rolando Paz, 25, is accused of hitting Miriam Paz with his hands, an unknown object then "slamming" her against a wall, according to the charging document.

The child was taken to Southeast Memorial Hospital, where she died at 12:26 a.m. Monday morning.
Paz told police he tried to feed the child, who did not want to eat, so he threw her on the bed, according to court records. He said the girl, who was born Jan. 11, landed on the bed, then struck her head on the wall.
As the child cried, he slapped her to make her stop, prosecutors said during Paz's arraignment.

Police at the hospital observed bruising on the child's chest and face and bite marks on both cheeks.
Paz, who is being held without bail in the Harris County jail, declined a court-appointed attorney.

Disgusting.  Idiotic. Asinine.

But yet again - Michael Berry takes the opportunity to call every hispanic in the news an illegal alien.  STFU Berry.  Why are you 'reporting' on anything anyway? You didn't have a parody to go with it.  There was no sound byte of La Cocoracha playing in the background.  Stick to your schtick please.

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