Monday, February 28, 2011

Naked Burritos

That's right - Naked Burritos.

I said yesterday, "I'm making Naked Burritos......not making burritos naked."  No one wants that.

Since I'm having the fam follow a low cab - no white carb - eating plan, I found a recipe online that I thought we would enjoy.  And we did.

It's basically what's in a burrito minus the tortilla and rice.  And I was able to steal some before it all disappeared to have for lunch the next day. Whew.

Easy Peasy Recipe.....duh.

Ingredients :

Chicken (I have split breasts that I boiled before hand and took off the bone)
Black Beans (drained and rinsed)
Chunky Salsa
Sour Cream

*I grabbed a skillet and began to cook my onions in a little bit of EVOO.  Then suddenly realized I needed a bigger one.  So switcho-changeo then added the cooked chicken.

Then added some tomatoes and covered and cooked a little more.

Then added drained and rinsed black beans and chunky salsa. Cooked a little more.

Then added avocado and cooked a little more.

Ta da! Naked Burritos!

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