Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Open Letter To Charlie Sheen

I waited as long as I could. I really did.

I just can't hold it anymore.

Charlie Sheen needs to just stop talking.  I don't care how crafty or cunning he thinks he is.  I don't care that whatever he's doing - in the end he thinks he's 'winning....duh'.

Dear Charlie :

Charlie - you look like a moron.  You should never ever EVER be allowed to speak in front of a camera unless it has been scripted beforehand. I don't care that you think your brain can heal you. You're wrong.  If your brain could heal you - you would have harnessed those powers long ago.  It's funny you wait to use your brain powers to heal you now - when you lost your job.  Why not use it when wife #1, #2 or #3 left you with your children?

That's right....because you're full of shit.

You don't have Tiger Blood.  You have human blood.  Sorry to burst your bubble.

You don't have Adonis have a mixture of your mother and father's DNA.  It's science.

You're not a warlock. You're a man...and I use that term loosely. A warlock is a male witch or demon - you are neither.  How can a demon love? So the word Oxymoron comes to mind. Maybe that's what you are.  Emphasis on the moron.

What exactly do you think you're 'winning'? You lost your job. You lost your kids.  You lost one of your goddesses.  Hmm?

Speaking of the 'Goddesses' the porn star left...huh?  But the crack head stayed? The crackhead goddess looks like she needs to be gnawing on some 2X4's with her ecstacy crazed eye self.  Good job.  She's a winner.

"I don't have time for their judgement and their stupidity and you know they lay down with their ugly wives in front of their ugly children and look at their loser lives and then they look at me and they say, 'I can't process it' well, no, you never will stop trying, just sit back and enjoy the show. You know?" Charlie...I don't know.  Just who is calling whom ugly?  I hate to say it, but look in the mirror my friend.  Your rotted teeth and pale pasty sweaty emaciated self is hard to look it too.  As far as ugly children - shame on you. Even crazy people know kids or off limits.

Just stop talking.  

The only victims in this are the twins.  They were born to drug addict parents and a world of insanity.  

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